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  1. Kdogg788

    Content not installed

    Ive read some stories of the problem reoccurring. I managed to fix it for now by going into the Xbox store. For some reason when I went to each individual piece of content there was an option to install even though I had installed them with the main game. Had to scroll through the list 60 odd times to add each piece and install manually. Hoping they stay put. -k
  2. Kdogg788

    Content not installed

    I’m having this same issue. Seems like no one knows or wants to answer this. If you’re on Xbox one it may be a permanent issue and the DLC will no longer be usable. -k
  3. I have Dirt Rally 2.0 digitally for Xbox One. Today my Series X came in and I moved the game from my external hard drive to the system internal to maximize the game performance and graphics. I have the complete edition with all the DLC. When I launch the game now it gives me an error message that says Content Not Installed and then it lists all the season pass content with rally locations and cars asking if I want to remove the content or delete my save and start over without it. It says “This profile save requires content that is no longer available.” Ive even tried completely deleting it all and reinstalling it from the Xbox store on the console with the same problem. So in short is the DLC no longer an option for me? I have this console set as my “home console.” Can this be fixed? -k