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  1. I’m having trouble recording downloaded lap data with your application. Can I confirm the exact sequence of steps? Below is my understanding from your Quick Instructions file, 1. Start your PGX-F1 Telemetry program and in the Tracking tab note the Local IP address. In the lower window it will say “Listening… (port 20777)” 2. Start F1 2020 game (if not already irunning) and in the Home window go to Game Options > Settings > Telemetry. Turn Telemetry ON and set the IP address to match the Local IP address in the PGX-F1 window (noted in Step 1). Make sure other pa
  2. Ender, I wanted to thank you for a great tool. It's helping me lower my times by comparing myself as Bottas against Hamilton at 110 in short 5 lap races. I have domestic data limits so I must be frugal with data volumes. Bottas vs. Hamilton gives me lots of data to identify where I can improve. The graphics are basic and very easy to operate. Question: Balance data always shows understeer in all corners. Is this because of the delay between my wheel input and the games' response? It would be great if there were some way to get a more useful output of under/over steer. I also st
  3. I had a similar problem (XB1 w/ Thrustmaster TMX) in both F1 2019 and 2020. It occurred suddenly, i.e., not after updating anything. It turned out my wheel settings had been changed. Once I reset Clutch to R-paddle (and ignored that doing so "double-booked" the R-paddle to both Clutch and upshift) my Manual Start was fixed. I still don't know how/why this settings change occurred.
  4. A similar problem arose for me. Manual starts keep failing. The clutch never engages so I sit dead on the grid whether I use thrustmaster TMX wheel or hand controller. Unplugged, updated and rebooted everything but no change. Never had this problem in years of CM F1 games but now the same problem in both 2019 and 2020 games.
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