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  1. I just finished breaking point and I must say I really liked it. Great, but predictable story. I know no-one buys the game for this short story, but it was a welcome addition. Let's see if they can come up with something new for 2022. (assuming all 2021 bugs have been fixed of course) I just wish there was a level between 'normal ' and 'challenging'. Normal was almost too easy, and challenging was a bit too difficult for me.
  2. @ScaredDuckYeah I solved my issue. It was just me being .. eh ... silly. I did not have MFD left / right assigned to the dpad (on the wheel). All is good now.
  3. I'm confused now. I have 'A' assigned as accept / advanced (Xbox Series X, ThrustMaster TX-RW wheel). This is specifically for the Story mode, the race on SPA where it starts raining after a few laps. When I go in pit I get slick tires, not intermediate tires. I cannot figure out how to switch the tires so I get the right tires when I go in pit. When I go out after the pit he tells me I need to pit to change to intermediate tires. The tire selection in the MFD shows M and I cannot change it. I cannot stay out one extra lap as I'm all over the place on those slick tires. This is a lit
  4. Ahhh - I have assigned right button to change fuel mix. Let me try un-assign that. Edit - Nope, I can select the strategy (up / down), but I cannot confirm it with right (or left ) button on the d-pad. Thanks
  5. 'Check you'r MFD for a new strategy'. I'm probably missing something obvious here, but how do I use commands from the voice command list, and how do I select a new strategy ? I figured out I have to assign a button for 'Radio / Voice Commands', but once I get a list of commands up, how do I select one e.g. 'box this lap' or select a strategy ?
  6. I'm having same issue. Hangs with 'joining session' when I select 'social' racing. Any hope we will get a fix soon ?
  7. I'm having similar issues. FFB is lost on quick resume. A disconnect / reconnect of the controller fixes the issue. Thrustmaster TX, Xbox Series X. No issue with F2020
  8. ok - so figured it out (I think). When I go to car management I see my turbo charger and gearbox has an estimated lifespan of 1 lap. Now replacing this takes up a full practice session. Is it not possible to replace this and not waste a full session on this ?
  9. Right now it seems like my car is 'exploding' as soon as I leave the garage (practice session), or after less than half a lap if I start a training program with flying start. It goes black and white and the guy on the headphone tells me ' that was a big one, let me know you are alright'. The screen shows 'terminal damage, you are out of the session because your car is terminal damaged'. I assume this is a bug as it makes the game unplayable - or at least it makes it unjoyable since my only option is to retire from session.
  10. I just recently got a Thrustmaster wheel and started playing F1 2019 xbox one x. I started a career at Williams as that seemed to be the beginner team. However, in the last 3 races I have seen weird behavior during both practice and race. E.g. just now, the gear was stuck in 5th gear (I run with full assistant - I just want to have fun), but there was no communication that there was a gearbox problem. I have had that several times now where the gearbox just get stuck in a gear (many times he will tell me to I'm pushing too hard and it can damage the gearbox - this happens sometimes
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