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  1. just out of curiosity I jumped into F1 2020. In that game both Ranked and Unranked (same as the new social ?) works instantly. How is it possible to break something that worked in the previous game, and STIILL not be able to find a solution for it after many month?.
  2. Still no success. This morning I tried to dig a little deeper. First I tested NAT and Multi player from the XBox setting. All passed (of course it does, the only game where I have this problem is F1 2021 in Social Play) I then went in to my router and opened the following ports according to https://support.xbox.com/en-US/help/Hardware-Network/connect-network/network-ports-used-xbox-live Still no success
  3. wow - I haven't played this game in a few month now. I was hoping multiple player would be fixed by now (on xbox) - but unfortunately not. "Failed to join Session, Error Code NS7" Will this ever get fixed for F1 2021, or are we just expected to buy F1 2022 and hope multi player will work by then ?
  4. I just finished breaking point and I must say I really liked it. Great, but predictable story. I know no-one buys the game for this short story, but it was a welcome addition. Let's see if they can come up with something new for 2022. (assuming all 2021 bugs have been fixed of course) I just wish there was a level between 'normal ' and 'challenging'. Normal was almost too easy, and challenging was a bit too difficult for me.
  5. @ScaredDuckYeah I solved my issue. It was just me being .. eh ... silly. I did not have MFD left / right assigned to the dpad (on the wheel). All is good now.
  6. I'm confused now. I have 'A' assigned as accept / advanced (Xbox Series X, ThrustMaster TX-RW wheel). This is specifically for the Story mode, the race on SPA where it starts raining after a few laps. When I go in pit I get slick tires, not intermediate tires. I cannot figure out how to switch the tires so I get the right tires when I go in pit. When I go out after the pit he tells me I need to pit to change to intermediate tires. The tire selection in the MFD shows M and I cannot change it. I cannot stay out one extra lap as I'm all over the place on those slick tires. This is a lit
  7. Ahhh - I have assigned right button to change fuel mix. Let me try un-assign that. Edit - Nope, I can select the strategy (up / down), but I cannot confirm it with right (or left ) button on the d-pad. Thanks
  8. 'Check you'r MFD for a new strategy'. I'm probably missing something obvious here, but how do I use commands from the voice command list, and how do I select a new strategy ? I figured out I have to assign a button for 'Radio / Voice Commands', but once I get a list of commands up, how do I select one e.g. 'box this lap' or select a strategy ?
  9. I'm having same issue. Hangs with 'joining session' when I select 'social' racing. Any hope we will get a fix soon ?
  10. I'm having similar issues. FFB is lost on quick resume. A disconnect / reconnect of the controller fixes the issue. Thrustmaster TX, Xbox Series X. No issue with F2020
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