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  1. CRL is a custom team league, you can join with a friend or find a friend here. the teams are custom and you will be able to design your own livery. no ppbl who play with 105+ ai difficulty https://discord.gg/jjSmCARSWs
  2. This is the newly made CRL- Custom racing league. what makes us different? We dont do the normal f1 team's, you are able to create your own team name and livery. You just have to find a teammate, and we have a channel for that too. How is the difficulty? You are able to join wit as low skill as you'd like, the only rule we set about who can join is that you gotta be active. but we don't want 105+ ai discord: https://discord.gg/jjSmCARSWs
  3. we just implemented team bosses there is currently no team boss in any team( thats when this post whas created). A team boss role will be a mix of : deciding who will race for you, being a strategist, giving info while racing, and having a ton of fun with your four driver's. yes you heard right FOUR DRIVER'S, we currently have two league racing both on friday (on different time's ofc). so you will be the team boss of both f1 and league 2 (thats the name of the league's). we are also looking for new driver's for the league 2, you can get promoted to f1 if you finnish p7 or better.
  4. We are a massively growing community that’d trying to expand. We are looking for new racer’s to join our second league, its called League 2 because its our second league. It is f1 cars with the same assists allowed, if you place top 7 you will get promoted to f1. There is no dirty driver’s, because we take pride in keeping our community clean from toxicity and dirty driver’s. Discord: https://discord.gg/Ce8Ytxfc
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