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  1. Welcome to the SRL, we are a brand new league team based in Europe planning on giving a fun yet clean race close to real life. We have a Formula 2 League and a Formula 1 League, which of course both are empty at the moment so all full time seats are available. We will also be looking for moderators to help set up the league and keep it running smoothly. You can join the discord: https://discord.gg/ghN6FwkAFd to learn more and to join. The Formula 1 is on Sundays, qualifying starts at 19:30 (GMT) for a 25% race. The Formula 2 is on Thursdays (subject to change) at 19:30 (GMT) again with feature race being 50% and the sprint race happening on the Sunday at 16:00 (GMT) being 25%. We hope to see you there!