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  1. When you highlight a command, press right on d-pad.
  2. The implementation of engine failures this year was a good response to what happened quite a bit during the 2020 season. For the 2022, some of these types of ideas could be added: 1. Feeling vibrations while driving: At any point during practice, qualifying or a race, it would be amazing if your controller/wheel started vibrating randomly (maybe cadenced, or sporadically over a period of half a lap to a lap). An MFD pop-up would appear, and you can either relay the info to Jeff (whether actual vocal speaking takes place, or it is just chosen and Jeff responds), or you can decide to just i
  3. We already have issues with serving unwarranted stop and gos, so this probably wouldn't be a good idea. Imagine being shown black and white flags and then you have minor contact with someone causing a track limit warning and they make you get the 5sec penalty. And then you have to serve it at your next pit stop. That would not be a favourable scenario. As far as warnings and then black and white flags, that's a good idea, and even maybe have it be the official number for 100% races, but have it be one warning, then black and white, then penalty for 50% races and under (so the 2, then pena
  4. As it is currently, when two cars collide they are both disqualified from the formation lap and teleported to their grid spots. This makes sense to do for online lobbies, however, in a league race it is unfair if one person is at fault over another, especially where tyre warming/preparation is concerned. There should be an option that allows the game to give out a 3sec time penalty to botb individuals. Then afterward it could be removed for league racing purposes, without hindering the tyre warming process.
  5. In order to know which pit box you will have and who your teammate is, a screen needs to be made exactly like where you choose a driver for F1 cars, but the pictures can just be left blank, until selected by a user.
  6. I'm an admin in a league and I play with a guy who uses controller and it literally looks like he is using a wheel. He doesn't experience input delay and has the calibration settings default, while I have the input lag you speak of with steering, and my saturation is at 95 (95 is a bit better than 100 in my opinion). I'm trying to figure out fixes, and have seen suggestions online which haven't worked for myself. I just got a low latency HDMI cord that I'll be trying when I get home, so I will see how that works and keep trying other things. Hopefully you, I or someone else will find a fix.
  7. Downforce was reduced from cars in real life, so why wouldn't the game mirror this by you having to make setups with more downforce..?
  8. This one may be a bit difficult to implement. If it could be done though, it would be a potential game changer. Because track position is sometimes unfairly altered because of an undeserved penalty that someone has to serve during a pit stop. So it would only make sense to have an option where you can turn serving pit stop penalties off, and let stewards delete 5sec penalties from a person's time afterward (talking about league racing).
  9. Been thinking about track limits and modifications that can assist in proper driving between the kerbs for the most part. I believe they should make it so that the outside kerbs leading up to adjacent with the turns apex should be a lot more violent. Meaning your car will truly jump up and down making you lose speed slightly, heighten your chance of you losing control of the car, plus floor damage (let's say every 4 times you run the middle of your car over it, you will get a colour on sim damage). This could be the case for the entire stretch of the kerb for some turns (obviously in real lif
  10. Or even make it an option to tell Jeff. So you can do it on the fly before even driving into the pit lane. Then the game can properly register what it is you're doing and make you disappear after entering the pits. I think the retire from session is something that kind of works together with how A.I retires as well. So maybe that's why an automatic disappearance may not work (although for a user it maybe could/should be doable).
  11. For number 1., I think it would be good if the central most part of the kerb were somewhat raised on certain kerbs, so that if people drive with the centre of their car in the centre of the kerb, it would absolutely tear up the floor of the car.
  12. Put in a report with BarryBL, or you're going to have to wait until the next update and it will fix itself. Already happened to me in August, wasn't able to play those lobbies for close to two weeks before an update came.
  13. Not something that's too important (nor do I think it would be difficult to implement), but it would be nice if there were something like 2 or 3 slots per helmet to be able to make different designs for the same helmet. Just so that you can create a few designs for one helmet and switch between them easily, without having to do all of the colour changing.
  14. You can't do setups like F1 2020. You can't have minimum tyre pressure in F1 2021, you'll scrub your tyres and won't be able to move. Start learning how to set up tyre pressures. And for context, what is your time trial best lap time at Britain?
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