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  1. Hello. I never got the chance to play red rivers valley of death. Today i was going to buy it from PS3 store. Have you guys delisted the dlc? Its nowhere to be found. I did some digging aswell and no one understands why it suddently has dissapeared, sony hasnt delisted the dlc, unless you guys told sony to remove it. Regards
  2. DividedByMankin

    OF: Valley of Death missing

    Is it any disc version of red river that includes dlc?
  3. DividedByMankin

    OF: Valley of Death missing

    Yeah i really wanna do the operation flashpoint games on Playstation cause of trophies, but if i cant get the red rivers valley of death ,its no point. And i really dont understand why they would quietly remove it. And i remember the old times with the very first operation flaspoint game on pc. I was a huge fan. I wish they cared more about their fans. Cause after all we are the ones paying their salaries👍 I still have all arma games, arma3 i believe i still got on disc 👍 really awsome unboxing. I am 33 years.
  4. DividedByMankin

    OF: Valley of Death missing

    Hi. The reason i want it on ps3, is because of the achievements. Trophies and completion. I know its silly. But thanks annyways👍