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  1. PapyMaurice

    Racenet and Discord bot

    OK I understand, should be great to add this kind of features for Dirt Rally 3.0 😉
  2. PapyMaurice

    Racenet and Discord bot

    Here is a quick update of my researchs : - Racenet is still unavailable, I would really love to get news about this tools (what is coming and when) 🙄 @PJTierney can you get some news about it ??? - Using API of dirtgame website will not do the trick as we cannot create rallycross championships in clubs and so get stats 😭 Only public events can handle rallycross. Last solution is to use UDP output feature of DR 2.0 (used by racing sim hardware like motion platforms or HUD). I already digged into it and the stats that I'm able to get are basically: - current_lap_time (refreshed at 100hz) - last_lap_time - current lap and total laps : ex: 1/4 - track_length (should be unique so I can map track name in stats) This could be an alternative solution but everything is not perfect. - I never get last_lap_time stats for the last lap of a race. Stats resets just after crossing the finish line so I never get last_lap_time packet 😞 I could trick this by using the last current_lap_time packet just before crossing the finish line but this will not be the real precise lap_time that the game calculate but close approximation (~10ms in best case scenario). - I'm able to match the circuit name based on a track_length info returned via UDP but I have no info about rounds (ex : Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4, semi-final, final). - Each player would need to install my software on his machine and active UDP output. I'll also need to create a dedicated API to centralise all players stats. Based on the limitations I talked about earlier, the dashboards I could present would be : - a Track best lap / pilot. I can also filter this by hour/day/week/mounth. - a graph a best laps/day to follow our progress on every track (circuit) This would be a start but this is quite limited info and represent lots of work compared to the result 😅 @PJTierney I'm not the first user to request for this kind of stats from a codemasters API and all theses info are already tracked in your DB. The amount of work to give us access to timing API doesn't look big and could benefit for all games. This could be a good way to involve communities in a long term. How can we help you push this features to codemasters (probably via current racenet rework) ? Survey ? Petition ? 🤣 I'm sure if you give access to data API lots of users will create great stuff (bots, auto tweet, ...) that can benefit everybody, involve players on games in longer terms and improve codemasters social presence throught players communities and events. Just for fun, here is a screen of my actual bot reporting (fake) stats
  3. PapyMaurice

    Racenet and Discord bot

    thanx for these infos @PJTierney I check https://dirtrally2.dirtgame.com/community-events and data is returned via an API so easy to parse and put on Discord but this is not exactly what we are looking for as it is only public events. Good news is that it also looks possible to do this for Club events. Ex : https://dirtrally2.dirtgame.com/api/Club/365912/recentResults Now the only problem is that we apparently cannot create RallyCross championships via Club. Only classic rally stages seems to be available. This is really a shame as this would be exactly what I'm looking for 😕 and for me RallyCross is really more fun with friends than classic rally
  4. PapyMaurice

    Racenet and Discord bot

    Hello, We recently created a French discord server to play with friends and french speaking pilots and I'm looking to create a discord bot that could report us stats about our online races (mainly RallyCross championships). The idea would be to get for example, who made the best lap during each qualify round, raking for each round, ... This discord bot will be shared with everyone as OpenSource. Creating the discord bot is not a problem as I know nodejs very well but gettings the Dirt Rally data doesn't look so easy. - For now, I cannot acces to racenet (only the legacy racenet seems to be online). Does anyone know when we can access to racenet again ? - Is there an API that coulds allow me to get Racenet data ? - Do I need to create a Club to regroup all pilots from our discord server or is there another solution ? - Did someone already work on this subject ? Thanks for your help and Happy new year 2021 !