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  1. Hatta only replies to posts which praise Codemasters... He is unable to accept criticism!
  2. Yes I saw it, also Lotus has no display in real life but in game there is big display like cow!
  3. I said earlier there I will wait for next-gen game and not buy F1 2014 but after this I started to fiddle with mind of buying 2014 to play with my friends which will buy F1 2014. But what a disappointment after seeing gameplays. First of all I wasn't expecting any miracles (this is what I expect from F1 2015 next-gen!). But this is just too much. 1) Same HUD, just cosmetic changes... Lazyness 2) Williams has 2013 wheel-OMG! 3) Where is tarmac escape zone at Parabolica corner in Monza?! 4) Same engineer messages 5) Same animations, same shots 6) 2005 style speed and gears display (What is this
  4. I know there are games which release first in America than in Europe BUT it's just few days-for example FIFA 15: NA 23 September 2014EU 25 September 2014UK 26 September 2014Its not 14 days like here!
  5. I want to ask why Japan is getting game 2nd October but rest of the world 14 days later? It's unfair that they can play but we can't...
  6. As I said I will not buy F1 2014 but I watched hot lap videos and... where is Anthony Davidson?
  7. I'm really looking forward to F1 2015 becuase I will not buy F1 2014 as it seems same as F1 2013. But F1 2015 will be released earlier and I'm really scared about car handling and car performance when Codemasters will have no time to watch how different cars are behaving on track. I know there will be updates throughout the season but still-can someane guarantee me that I will have real F1 experience on day-one if I will pre-order the game?
  8. I'm using all full asists except braking. I'm playing on PC with Xbox 360 controller. But in multiplayer I'm about 5 seconds slower than podium drivers. What am I doing bad? I don't brake too soon or something like that.
  9. Is slipstream simulated in game? Sometimes I think yes but sometimes it looks like no.
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