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  1. Thanks Codemasters for hearing us on this. I bought it too, reluctantly, for the stated reasons. I have to say, despite it's age, I find it a blast to play. I am thoroughly hooked on VR racing just from the meager offerings from the PS. I hope Sony, Codemasters, EA, whoever are paying attention to the calls for more VR racing titles. Not just updates to older games.
  2. The timing of this is suspiciously aligned with the EA acquisition. Obliviously not a high priority while Codemasters are dealing with a future under EA. This update is almost 4 years old now and we're all chomping at the bit to play it. Pretty sad that we don't have more VR racing titles for PS4. I hope that changes with the PS5.
  3. I too was very disappointed in learning Dirt Rally VR was unavailable in North America. I own several Codemasters titles with Dirt being my favorite. My first thought when opening a PS4 VR Christmas morning was being psyched to play this title. I was angry to learn it was available in other countries but not for me. I’m mildly encouraged by learning something is coming soon. From what I can tell that was promised 2 months ago. I can only ask Codemasters to please expedite this. Or let us know it is not going to happen.
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