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  1. @KuroKun you can avoid it if you dont schedule anything on December 1st but then drivers that are supposed to retire next season they wont so...
  2. @JeremyKrueger you are welcome, I feel you
  3. @JeremyKrueger wow I guess so then... I was doing 22 few times and everything worked once I changed to 10 problem started so I assumed it was only for 10 I guess not... what a joke this game is all for 60$ speechless
  4. @JeremyKrueger same brother, they told me to restart cos my save is corrupted it happened again on the next one... I even found what the problem is and they aren't able to fix it for 7 months now it's a shame... long story short dont do 10 race season, if you do and as soon as first driver wants to retire you wont be able to sign anyone, anyway if you want to avoid it dont schedule anything on December 1st that way you will be able to skip to 1st and then it will give you option of signing however for the next season those drivers that said will retire wont so kind kills the game...
  5. Thank you @BarryBL very much! Any insights when this could be fixed since I dont want to lose another 15h on game that I will eventually need to delete? And also if you fix the issue will it be fixed on my current save or I will need to delete it anyways? Also forgot to mention this happened when my driver ricciardo retired so that's why maybe I couldn't fix it like I did in season 2 however I assume that would still keep issue of a driver not retiring...
  6. @BarryBL Hi, here is what you asked: A detailed description of the issue. Please include any error codes here. I was doing 10 race seasons and after second one I wasn't able to approach any driver somehow I restarted game and went on even tho it said that kimi will retire he didn't as @AVAlesi02 showed. However now I finished season 3 and same issue came up somehow I ended up in the loop on December 1st and I can't advance neither I can sign new driver because it doesn't show me button to approach anyone. Platform Xbox What version of the game you are using
  7. @BarryBL I still have this issue when doing 10 races season I got stuck not being able to approach the driver. Any updates?
  8. Hi, This is second time this issue is happening to me. I am racing my team with 10 races per season and I am not able to sign a driver. I came to November 31 and my driver retired it tells me to go to drivers market but there I dont have an option to approach anyone only toggle, watch and back... Also this keeps me in the loop on December 1st and I cant advance.
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