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  1. I thought it would fix itself when I got the PS5 and it didn't. I have done several clean installs on the PS4 and PS5 but nothing has ever fixed it.
  2. I've been experiencing this issue on PS4 and PS5 and it's most annoying when you have to close the game every time you want to change a track in time trial because it just won't load the next track and/or it won't load any time trial times when you load up the track record tables. This issue extends to league races, after each league race finishes I have to close the whole game to be able to do anything. To investigate further I purchased the game on PC to see if it was my internet that was the issue and it works absolutely perfectly on my PC with no issues whatsoever. My friend who lives just down the street has the exact same internet provider and modem as me and is connected via ethernet. We both have PS5 and obviously F1 2020 - he experiences no issues at all but I have to quit the game after doing anything online on PlayStation. What would be causing this continual "communicating with online services" screen or the games inability to load TT times on the PlayStation? So far I haven't found any solutions and I hope with every patch that it gets fixed, but it hasn't been fixed yet.