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  1. greenmind73

    The game is so boringly coded!!

    You said turbo charger breaks. Was it worn or just broke on its own?
  2. greenmind73

    Choose your seat during negotiations

    Now to add to the debacle, I’ve started the season with Alex instead of Max, and I’m second driver! So not only did I not get to have Max as my teammate but Alex is the number 1! This needs to be addressed please, it takes away from my enjoyment of the game. It doesn’t make any sense to take the #1 car but be the #2 driver! Thanks again
  3. greenmind73

    Choose your seat during negotiations

    I just finished season 1 with Alpha Tauri. Now it’s time to move to Red Bull to race along side Max. But when I do, Max is gone & I gotta race with Alex! Unacceptable! Red Bull would never let Max leave for Haas F1! I suggest you have a pull down bar to choose your seat, therefore choosing your teammate! Thanks.