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  1. Anyone heard of this happening yet? I’m stuck @ the moment & not playing the game. I have all 3 saves used & wanna start a new drivers career, but don’t wanna erase 1 of the blocks I have. I like where I’m @ but would enjoy 2 start a different 1. I was hoping that we would have heard something by now.
  2. I can’t agree w/ this anymore. Most teams have 4 or more sponsors on the nose cone alone. Plus y can’t we have a Pirelli logo on the car, everyone else does! Y can’t we put Honda on the rear wing or the side pod under the # if we got a Honda engine n the car or Renault for that matter. Let us use the logo of the engine we’re using. The my team car looks fake on the consoles. Give us a lil of the features the PC guys use, we’re not asking 4 the world!
  3. Not at all. I love this gold (ish) on the track. It took some tweaking in last years game but I really liked it & use it predominantly now. 28-73-95.
  4. Good 2 hear. I was looking 4 another thread about this 2 add my 2 cents. When I couldn’t find 1 ( didn’t do a deep dive however) I just started another 1. I figured it won’t hurt 2 let them kno this is something well needed!
  5. I don’t have a picture but opaque says qualify 15th, but they only pay me when I’m in the top 10. I’m on ps5.
  6. I agree, it would b a great addition, however we’ve been trying 2 get this 4 at least the last 2 releases.
  7. My suggestion is to incorporate all the save blocks into 1 section. Let me make the decision on how many saves I wanna use 4 the games. Right now I don’t play 2player or that breaking point thing. Why is there 6 save blocks just goin 2 waste?! I would think this would b an easy & popular addition into the next update. 3 is not enough 4 me & a lot of others on here. Let’s make this happen!!!!!!!
  8. No. U get nothing. F2 is very basic. U would normally get a boosted acclaim, but since the 1st patch, that’s been turned off as well. Now u start @ 1 unless u pick one of the big 3. Other than that nothing. I’ve been hoping they would turn it back on, the info during the start up process says u get higher acclaim, but it’s gone as of this moment.
  9. I would also like 2 have the same mode 4 the current teams, start low as the team principal @ Haas & work my way up 2 Ferrari! That would b sweet! U got ur drivers side & team principal side!
  10. I would like to have a my team where I’m just the owner/team principal. I wanna choose both drivers & build my car up just like we do now w/ out driving. Watch the races & deal w/ issues behind the scenes. Sim races or watch them, ur choice! I would enjoy this maybe more than racing them personally, maybe! But I would certainly like to give it a whirl.
  11. I’ve had this issue, do u have 750 resource points to lose? I had it w/ a cash question & I didn’t have the cash so therefore I was stuck w/ the other answer. Just checking.
  12. Yes, I’m seeing the same issue on mine as well. Flicking dots on rear wheels as I’m driving down straights & when I check rear view I see them coming down the nose on the drivers side. I noticed it in France 1st, & now on all my next races after that as well. I’m on ps5. This coincides w/ the new patch.
  13. This situation has happened 2 me 10-15 times. I’ve gotten this much more than an actual DNF. If I go 2 flash back, the radio communication comes back. If I don’t, sometimes the radio is gone for multiple races. I have 2 finish & reset the game 2 get it back 2 normal. I’m on ps5 as well.
  14. Team name: Moore Motorsports F1 Engine: Ferrari Teammate: Kimi Season: 2
  15. I also have mick as my teammate & the last race of the season there were a lot of penalties due 2 engines that I started 4th & he started 8th. I let him n front of me & ran interference & we finished 5th & 6th. It was a lot of fun 2 have that result w/ Haas! So it’s possible, just not likely.
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