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  1. mhm Would keep the game fresher in the long run and would be more fun in general. I like pooping my pants and dirt rally only makes me fart now. 
  2. Yeah I didn't play for a week or so and the times got so crazy. 2 many cheaters. 
  3. Easy Anti Cheat is pretty awful from what I've heard about it through the Counter-Strike community.
  4. The Snow in Monte has not changed in v1.0 It sure looks a whole lot different though. ugaffel (VFX bro) said visually it would look better in 1.0
  5. I need to do that, but Can't bring myself to do it. :( 300+ hours and I don't think I own even half the cars lol. 
  6. Everyone should have VIP so @Hatward can never leave the office, forever typing an endless list of names. 
  7. aphelion the shitposter patiently waiting for VIP  B)
  8. Codies VFX bro on reddit said they were really awesome  :D
  9. @BrySkye can you tell us anything about FFB changes or naw?
  10. I'm still not buying that cover as being authentic. There's a 2015 WRC car in it and, as far as I know, no chances of getting one so... eh somewhere in this thread theres a tweet of pauls basically confirming its real
  11. This isn't really gossip, but it would be cool if there was like a level creator similar to halos forge in the next game. 
  12. At this point you won't want to, it's a DiRTy mess!  XD I know :) 
  13. I wish I could test WW :3                                                      
  14. It's been all but confirmed with the i20 hint and paul saying on twitter 2010 leagues are about to get better. 
  15. that'd be neat..  would definitely help a lot of people out.
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