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  1. This is being made because of Battlefield 2043, it looks pretty good. The only reason I got MW 2019 was because of GW, it felt finally like a decent battlefield with it's own spin and I haven't enjoyed battlefield since hardline or really enjoyed it since 3. However, you did absolutely nothing with GW except make it so the icons were different and you can't restock rockets from the ammo boxes. Here's some free tips to make it alot more enjoyable. Squads - Let us change squads. I don't want to be stuck with 3 people with their thumbs up their arses camping on a building in the middle
  2. I think this poll is quite appropriate now we have had two rounds of the season and actually know the pace of all the drivers! had we done this poll before the season, I reckon Nato and Markelov would have struggled to get a single vote now they're leading the championship! Poll options are in current championship order https://trackeasy.fun/usps/ https://showbox.tools/. My vote goes to Pierre Gasly. Despite a difficult Monaco weekend I reckon he will have the pace to comeback and sieze the championship lead, Nato and Markelov will drop away and Sirotkin will push Gasly all the way to Abu
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