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  1. Yeah, i agree 100%. realism and physics should be the priority since adding cars and similar sounds more like a DLC. hope DR3.0 will not be a big DLC of the DR2.0
  2. Yes probably you are right. The meaning of my message is that I noticed on dirt rally 2.0 very poor use of feedback even if I think to have a good hardware (fanatec DD1) and a physics that need to be improved.So let’s say that physics and force feedback feeling is the top priority (from my point of view) and all other suggestions and improvements are obviously welcome and appreciated. But I don’t know how many improvements codemaster can put on future release. The more the better.
  3. Hi, We are now in the "sim age" with games always more realistic on all aspects. For the future, I would suggest a rally game that is more realistic than ever. So I guess the most important feature to have need to be related to physic engine and dynamic of the cars. Force feedback on different grounds is something that on rally games has been always too "simple" and games resulted too "arcade" oriented. All other improvements are just details. I loved dirt rally 2.0 and only thinking to have a new one in the future with more realistic dynamics and physics of cars and with realistic force feedback it's just amazing.