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  1. Frankgw

    G920 brake pedal

    Doesn't setting the saturation to 100% mean you have to press it down fully to get max braking? Try 75%? 🤔
  2. Well, this is weird. I don't know what I did, but the problem seems to have gone away! I've changed a few things, such as run with vsync on, max fps off, put PC in Ultra Performance mode (which I didn't know existed!) and the sound stuttering has completely gone away! Even with Dolby Atmos off. However, when I put the settings back to where they were, it still seems to be fine. God knows why, I've not changed any drivers or anything like that, very weird. Anyway, I'm happy now. Seems to be fine for now. Cheers 👍
  3. Hi folks, First post on here, so go easy on me! Anyway, just got Grid 2019 PC and really enjoying it apart from one problem. I'm getting really bad sound stutters and cutting out during races. The only way I've found to reduce it is to enable Dolby Atmos. Not a very satisfactory solution. Only happening in this game, everything else runs smoothly on my system. Including F1 2019. Having done some searching online, I find others are having similar issues. I've tried all the suggested solutions, such as changing the sound bit rates etc, but nothing seems to make much difference. Has anyone found a reliable solution to this? Thanks for any help, this is bugging me! 😕 Cheers, Frank AMD 3600 on AsRock B450 16GB RAM RTX 2070 Super