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    Dirt rally 2 crashed many times

    FIXED! I have apparently just managed to fix the game myself after much stuffing around, well, for me at least. It was freezing after a few races with the game still running in the background. Posting my experience here just so the next person doesn't have to go through everything I just did to figure out what's going on here. There's a couple, maybe a few things at play here. Firstly, if you're getting those error messages, i.e. "Access violation at address", this is your video drivers and updating my drivers removed this error for me, however the game would still freeze like it would after a few races. Secondly, the game seems to deliver an extremely smooth experience, even if you are pushing your graphics card beyond it's limitations which makes it easy to think your card can handle everything on ultra, but trust me you're probably cooking your GPU so turn off your overclocking. If you're running a more modern card, it can handle everything on high-ultra anyway so no need to play with overclocking on, the game just doesn't seem to like it. And last but not least, the fix that seemed to fix everything from here, updating my Nvidia Game Ready Drivers through the GeForce Experience then auto optimizing your game settings through GeForce Experience. I do believe it's the Nvidia Multi-Frame Sampled Anti-Aliasing that makes all the difference as now I'm getting better frames running the game for hours at a time with no crashes, not overheating my GPU running everything on ultra.