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  1. PV75

    Unrealistic behaviour!

    Hi all One thing I think needs to be removed are the low flying aircraft! I work in aviation, and it is all very distracting these low flying jets. Helicopters are fine, they are there to supply pictures for the tv feeds, but the big jets doing screaming turns overhead during the race.... not very realistic. A flyby before the start, all good and fab to see in real life. 🤪 cheers, P
  2. PV75

    Career Mode - Driver Market

    That would have been a good bet at the bookmakers! I agree, drivers drive and don’t bother with who the team signs. But why, am I the driver, responsible for all the R&D in Career mode then? I think all the little programs in the practise session are good fun and are much better than driving around aimlessly and collect the R&D points. Shouldn’t the team decide what to upgrade though? Maybe ask me what I want: more power? More downforce? But sort the rest out themselves. I hope career mode stays, ‘cos My Team does not appeal to me.
  3. PV75

    Setups and Assists

    Thanks for the replies. Might as well switch ERS and Fuel assist of as well then. The rest was already off, so not much change there. Feels like there is a lot more oomph in the car as Autogears shift up much later than optimal in Manual. Therefore I thought might be able to run more downforce. More downforce, then cornering speeds can be higher. As you can then have a higher exit speed and have better acceleration compared to autogears, not much time-loss on the straights, but gain more in corners. Besides, it can make the car more stable, more confidence in corners, etc etc. Maybe I am wrong, so I guess that needs a bit of testing! Happy driving all! P
  4. PV75

    Setups and Assists

    Hello! I have decided and take the plunge and switch to a manual gearbox and racing line off to improve my gameplay experience. Only assist left on are ERS and Fuel Management (for now). Been watching variety of tutorials and videos on youtube to learn as well. Question for you all out there that have done a similar thing, did any of you also change your car setups? As the car will behave quite different in and out of corners and braking zones. I am only an average driver that loves doing pirouettes and playing in the gravel traps, so need all the help I can get.... 😋
  5. PV75

    Please wait...

    It says 36.97 MB, hardwired into modem. It’s just a broadband, no fibre. I don’t play online. i think it happens when i go up a ‘tier’ in XP achievements and makes new content available.
  6. PV75

    Please wait...

    Hiya. never mind, just wondered if anyone else had this. Apart from it being annoying to have it on screen it doesn’t really affect the gameplay. It has disappeared now. I think it tried to update some of the things you can get in the ‘customisation’ to ‘dress up’ your driver. I run program on an Xbox. Feel free to close the topic. cheers, PV
  7. Hello, does anybody know why I sometimes for a very long time ‘please wait’ in the top left corner of my screen is being displayed? Just doing a race, not playing online or anything like that. attached is a pic. cheers, PV
  8. PV75

    Commentary OFF

    Can we please, please, please, have an option to switch the commentary OFF!!! The same pointless phrases every single time is sooooooo annoying.
  9. PV75

    Driver Ratings Update

    I’m a bit late to the party, but was this update 1.14? Or will there be a 1.15?
  10. Sorry, i’m an old guy, just want to race, don’t need all the chatting. So, it would be great to be able to switch commentary off completely. After having heard all remarks during my first season, i don’t really need to hear it anymore. It gets a bit repetitive, all info is on the screen, i don’t need to hear for the umpteenth time what a blistering lap Hamilton has done this qualification.... Crowd noise has been mentioned, a separate slider would work. Last but not least the info from engineer during race. An option to just get the gap ahead/behind like on a pitboard. Every time i ask for an update i get the whole spiel about tyres etc. Don’t worry, it’s not all negative, i love this game. Used to have Grand Prix 2 in the 90’s and thought it was the best thing since sliced bread. This is even better!