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  1. PV75

    Menu MailBox

    Just use a normal Xbox controller.
  2. PV75

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    Press down left ‘joystick’ on controller.
  3. I have a G920 for my Xbox. I have to close down and restart the game for FFB to work. So when playing, all good. Then stop, then need to close down the game and restart from scratch. If I go to home menu without closing down, FFB doesn’t work when restarting. Hope this makes sense and works for PC as well.
  4. As much as I hate rain (why on earth do I live in England?), I get it is in the game when doing Career/My Team and you can’t change the Dynamic setting. But as I said, why the slider in World Championship, if it is then ignored…. On to the next race, woohoo, dry Japan. P
  5. Hi all Just want to get some info on what people think of the Damage Rate settings. Am I right in feeling that on ‘simulation’ it is rather harsh? I am the first one to admit my driving needs to be better and less erratic. But I just have to gently hit a wall or another car and the wheels fly off. If I see how much force F1 cars can sometimes sustain, it feels a bit too much. I appreciate the angle of hitting a wall and other cars is a factor. I like the Simulate setting for Damage in general, so that floors and other bits get damaged, just wondering what other peoples views are on the Ra
  6. I have! But no reply from anyone….
  7. Haha, it seems so. But if they do want us to get better at racing in the rain, why have the slider in the first place? If you want dynamic wx in a Championship, don’t allow me to change the slider! It will get my hopes up…. 😋
  8. description: The system keeps reverting to ‘Dynamic Weather’ in Solo Fia World Championship. I start a new season, pick a driver (Latifi), set all the sliders like I want them. AI strength, Rules & Flags, Damage etc. And set the Weather to ‘Dry’. Start the season and during Race 2 or 3 I get rain! Every time between a race it reverts back to ‘Dynamic Weather’. Even when I change in between weekends to ‘Dry’, I still get wet sessions. I understand if you do a Career or MyTeam , it is fixed to ‘dynamic’. But when running a Championship, I can make the change, so why doesn’t it stick? All the
  9. Hi all Currently doing a FIA WC. On Imola and Portimao during FP and Quali the AI cars are ghosts!! Does anyone else have this? I have been away from the forum for a bit, so want to check here before filing a Bug Report. Running the game on an Xbox One. cheers, P
  10. Hi all doing a quick World Championship. Pick a driver and go. All settings like I want them, flags, damage, weather (dry), and here we go. Race 2, you guessed it, RAIN….. Why can this program not remember I want the whole championship to be dry? It can remember the other settings. Is this the way it is supposed to be? If so, why give me the choice of what weather I want? And no, I don’t care you can’t pick the weather in real life, this is not real life, it’s a game and I want it to be dry. cheers, P running Xbox one btw. (edited for typo)
  11. Thanks all. Think I might just leave it on Medium for now. Can do without extra penalties 🤪
  12. Hi all quick question. Does setting the track limits to ‘strict’ affect the AI? I have always had it on ‘medium’ in 2020. Just wondered before I properly start doing stuff on 2021.
  13. @BarryBL my apologies about the swearing!
  14. Same on Xbox. Apparently this is ‘by design’…..
  15. Well said. I am **** at this game, but will adjust AI to my abilities, so about minus 23. I race cockpit view, which mean a track like COTA is almost impossible with the blind corners. People seem to forget F1 2021 is a GAME! Stop referring to ‘real life’. The only way to get real life experience is to be one of the 20 drivers on the F1 grid on 23 Sundays this year. Otherwise, it will always be a SIM. Trust me, SIMs will never get close to real life. I’m an air traffic controller and have played around with several ATC sims. NONE get even close to real life. Just my opinion, back to my gi
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