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  1. Hello Barry, I hate to sound like a broken record, but has there been an update? I'm still unable to aquire any achievements, however, I haven't had a game save file corruption (which could show that this issue is random). Many thanks!
  2. I appreciate that things take time, but has there been any update to an issue (corrupt save file) that has been in the game for months? Also, I am still unable to unlock any achievements on Xbox for this game (despite meeting the prerequisites).
  3. I thought I would add some more things into this which might help generally to determine how and why this occured: 1. The error occurred during My Team. 2. It was in my 1st season on Monaco (7/22 races). 3. It occurred on the same day of the Podium Pass seasons switching (3 to 4). To further investigate the ongoing issue of my achievements not tracking (Issue 3, as mentioned originally), I have been playing on a new save of My Team. I've discovered that none of my progress-based achievements (Centurion, for example), where progress was made during my corrupted save file, are no longer tracking. I am still stuck on 88% of 'The Camera Loves You' despite answering more than 12 questions (which should give me the achievement now) on this new save. Progress for this originally was cumulative across my Solo Career and My Team, both of which no longer work. Thought I would add extra info in to see if there are any correlations.
  4. Thank you so much for looking into this! I've lost so much progress due to this, so thank you again for helping! Will I get another notification when you have some results?
  5. Description: Issue 1 - Corrupted Save File Issue 2 - RaceNet Account Deleted Issue 3 - Achievements/Progress No Longer Working on New Save Issue 1 - Yesterday evening (12th January), I was playing My Team. Today (13th January), when I came back into F1 2020, I received a message telling me that my save file had become corrupted. When I attempted to play on, this error message kept repeating. When I pressed 'Continue Without Saving', the game shut down and took me to the home screen on my Xbox. Issue 2- When I roloaded the game, I was asked to enter in my RaceNet details, which seemed odd given that the game ready had these. I entered these in and RaceNet didn't recognise them. I attempted this again on my phone through RaceNet website and my account details were still not recognised. When I tried to recover the account (thinking that my password could have been changed), I received an error message saying 'Unable to Recover Password on this Account'. I went back onto F1 2020, tried to create a new RaceNet account using my old details and they were, to my surprise, accepted! This includes my old old email address, password and username. This indicates that my RaceNet account had been deleted somehow, since I was able to make a new one with identical details. After returning to my game, I found that all of my online stats are all registering as --, but I do still have my Safety Rating (B) and Rank (Silver), which shows that somehow some stats have deleted send some haven't. Issue 3 - I have started another My Team and none of my activities are counting towards the achievements, despite them counting on my old corrupted save file. I believe that this issue has something to do with my previous two issues (corrupted sve file and deleted RaceNet account), hence why I have included this all as part of the same report. Platform: Xbox One S Version: 1.14 Game Mode: My Team (initially) Happen Again: Can't tell if/when this could happen again Troubleshooting: Hard reset of Xbox. Checked save file date. Attempted to play offline. Disconnected and reconnected Internet. Made new RaceBet account using exact same details from old account. Made new save file on Xbox. Peripherals: Controller, nothing else Screenshots: 1 - Super Licence progress 2 - In-game Stats (all showing as --) 3 - Xbox-tracked game stats (which show a lot of progress) 4 - Xbox Achievement progress (40 out of 50, but no longer tracking with new game save file)