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  1. Max_Whimsy

    My quick take on the new Mercedes Livery

    Always thought black cars looked cooler, but then again my first F1 live race was 1973 and the JPS Lotus 72D. Has to be always be considered in a discussion of the best liveries.
  2. Max_Whimsy

    release date in Canada

    I pre-ordered the Schumacher special edition in May (paid in full then) and now EB Games says nope. Too bad, so sad, not til Friday. Complaint line not answering. Was Canada left out?
  3. Max_Whimsy

    Schumacher edition

    I jealous, all you guys are playing and notwithstanding a fully paid pre-order of the Schumacher edition and I saw I could download it from the playstation store. EB Games in Canada says the 10th for both editions. too bad so sad that you paid extra, thanks for the cash I guess. Is this a Canada thing?
  4. Max_Whimsy

    Will I still get to play the game 3 days early?

    I hope you can, I preordered the game on May 27, paid the full shot for the Schumacher edition, but my retailer says NOPE! you can't have it until Friday. Is this a Canada thing?
  5. Max_Whimsy

    Lewis Hamilton lost my respect today

    I agree that Hamilton punted Alexander on purpose. BUT I don't think he was helping the team, (this is no "I" in team but there's an "M" and an "E".) Remember Mexico, when he disobeyed orders and backed Rosberg into traffic. Hamilton ignored his race engineer to slow down to save the car, and it resulted in James Alison getting on the radio. Had he thought Albon would catch and pass Bottas it would have been in his interest points wise to let him by. It would have reduced the split to 6 points from 13. Just my view. If Albon gets inside Hamilton in the future in a corner, wait for the whining If Albon defends the racing line. Then again somebody once said "rubbin's racin" so maybe this is all a tempest in a tea pot. Schumacher was a dirty driver too. He had no problems running people off the road and has had championship points taken away once for questionable tactics. Maybe we are being too hard on Lewis, I don't think so but maybe.