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  1. FR15KYCGS

    Share youtube videos of Grid Games

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8PWpkVpYiJkhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=npf6DvyvaeY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KDxEEv_gg-Y https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XGR4fQruakU
  2. inside i would like to show my youtube videos i have made for grid autosport hope you all enjoy. Hope use post up your own videos would be great to see what use have done thanks for reading.
  3. FR15KYCGS

    Club livery that is set will not load for other drivers in club

    I think code masters should let you apply more than 1 team livery as in different sponsors on touring street or drift means you get best pay out for racing those cars. Plus remember that if the leader has the black edition and applies the top sponsors those in the team without the edition do not get those sponsors 
  4. FR15KYCGS


    Still recruiting if any1 is interested in joining a fast paced race team that pushes each other to the edge. Always racing each other serious while having a lot of fun while doing so. CGS may be for you.
  5. FR15KYCGS


    I would say so just let me know when
  6. Oh yea exactly good to be seeing more teams wanting to push each other and improve. Even getting help from other teams to help them succeed for autosport
  7. Yea totally agree dragonlord we all love the adrenaline and hope more join. There's already so many teams that don't get a chance to prove themselves its mainly us (team CGS) and yourself (team NWR) that do championships with a few of the other teams and each other we need more to join the fun.
  8. Yea I believe that this is a brilliant idea due to grid autosport being team based game. I feel we defo need a league as there's already so many teams on grid and grid 2 let us all race against each other for nice rewards
  9. FR15KYCGS

    Grid Autosport League

    Any rewards
  10. FR15KYCGS

    Nationwide league (NWR) for Grid autosport

    I'd say we get something sorted at some point team vs team with rewards up for grabs
  11. FR15KYCGS

    What do you believe makes a great racing team

    I found out about that afterwards which aparrently u we Slabbering about our team saying were going to be nothing on grid auto sport and that u want to ruin our team. Just saying what I heard. I've no time for childish games everyone has to grow up or get gone
  12. FR15KYCGS

    What do you believe makes a great racing team

    Uve jumped to conclusion to fast
  13. FR15KYCGS

    What do you believe makes a great racing team

    Well if you don't tell me how am I to know.I want this rubbish to stop so we can have a proper championship so far we haven't as uve hit us or us hit you. Plus far as I know uve been trying grab some of our drivers. U just to conclusion to fast as I had good races with you the other day and I've warned people before
  14. FR15KYCGS

    What do you believe makes a great racing team

    Well funny yes just referred your team as 1 and mine 2. I was asking the public what they thought nothing to do with your team. You trying to say we take your team out cause that is a pile of blank.
  15. FR15KYCGS

    What do you believe makes a great racing team

    That is very true. If I got past a random player ya don't hold them up to let or team passed ur team mate has to work for it. That's just cheating in the end off the day. I've seen people fly off the track and get corner cut infront of you just so you ram them and there mate gets passed.