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  1. PhilArny80

    Track situation for F1 2021

    Not just Imola and Portimao on Project Cars, they also have Mugello, Nurburgring and Bahrain Outer. Only Istanbul not available from the missing 2020 tracks. I would hope that for F1 2021, some sort of provision is made to have the correct circuits. They have the Project Cars data as mentioned above, plus they will have some data from the races last year at these circuits (lap timings, racing lines, tyre wear etc) so it all helps. I would guess F1 2021 is well in progress and if they can't include the alternate tracks in the game at launch, they do look to add them in a DLC (either free or paid) at a later point. Then as mentioned above, give the user an option to amend the season schedule to add/remove different circuits. The only issue i guess could be licensing plus you would need to get Crofty to record some more intro's for all the different circuits.
  2. PhilArny80

    Track situation for F1 2021

    Agree with this, for me 2021 should be a DLC. One that both updates the teams/drivers for 2021 season, but also gives you the option to have the correct tracks and schedule for 2020. Concentrate the big changes to the game for 2022 when big changes to the cars happen in real life. It sounds like Montreal, Baku and Monaco will be cancelled this year and replaced by Istanbul, Mugello and Nurburgring. With Portimao also set to be added, that would only leave Bahrain Outer of the new tracks in 2020 that aren't in 2021. I would be very disappointed if 2021 didn't feature the new tracks and just used the original schedule.