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  1. I read everything here, only thing I can do is to upload for you the files. Should I do that?
  2. I don't see any pinned fixes in this thread, but this is my second time here so i might not see them
  3. This is what I get if I use my olf Profile data, i sent it to the development team, I hope they can get back my hours of game times 😕
  4. I don't think i use Steam cloud, I think I found my saves on my pc, but i have no idea what to do to makes this work 😄
  5. Hey everyone! I played F1 2020 on Monday, skipped a day cause of work, today(wednesday) installed steam a patch, and all of my saves were corrupted, and the game made me a new profile. Is there any chance I can get back my old profile? Thanks for your help!
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