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  1. Morgz6908, by conversation using keyboard/controller I mean the ability to navigate through the various menus that are already in the game, but are impossible to use while racing. I'm a programmer, I think it would be a relatively easy change to implement using the Flashback mechanism. Again, not typing out sentences, only tapping buttons to work through the menus for communicating with Jeff.
  2. Codemasters, please, please, please add the ability to pause the race to talk to Jeff. Real F1 drivers have an in-car radio that allows them to have conversations with their pit crew engineer during the race. That's not possible, for now, in a PC/console racing simulation. The next best option is to pause the race to allow a keyboard/controller-based conversation. I can't for the life of me understand why you don't have that feature in the game. It's clearly not about realism in a game that already allows the player to pause the game via the Flashback. Here is a link that explains how imp
  3. I actually received a great answer to my question on the Facebook F1 2021 group page. Here it is for anyone who has the same question: From Billy Warnes: "You don’t want you tyres to overheat, do a practice run on full race fuel with the softs fitted. Then Adjust the pressures to stop them overheating, you won’t need to do the mediums or hards as they don’t overheat as quick as the softs do. If you’re still planning to run a medium-hard strategy then do your practice run on mediums to set you tyre pressures instead of using the softs."
  4. Hi, Relatively new Codemasters F1 game driver/player. Confused about setting tire pressures while practicing for a race. Do I need to practice/check temps with each of the different tire compunds I plan to use in the race. It doesn't appear that the setups allow for different tire pressures for the softs vs. the mediums vs. the hards. Is that because the physics of tire pressure and temps is the same across all tire compounds? Though that seems counter-intuitive to me. Is there a temperature performance difference between a soft compound at 21.5 vs a hard compound at 21.5? Or is the comp
  5. Thanks for the idea, but I believe Quick Launch & Quick Restore are features only available on Xbox Series X|S.
  6. I'm experiencing this exact same issue on an Xbox One S, which does not have a performance mode to change.
  7. It's not just Thrustmaster wheels, Logitech G920 doesn't work either. Strangely it works fine on 2020, but when I fire up 2021 and try to drive with FFB turned on the car goes crazy, completely undrivable, turn FFB off, works fine but not worth playing that way. I've submitted bug reports but no response.
  8. The title says it all, when I try to drive using the provided G920 wheel settings with FFB turned on in my 2021 the car become completely undrivable, the force feedback is so strong I can't turn the wheel, the wheel will spin on its own without me touching it, with a little bit of throttle the car goes crazy, turn FFB off, car drives fine, exit 2021, launch 2020, with the exact same G920 settings (as much as possible), car drives fine SJHB-BMEA-CKJM-GAEG Xbox One S All modes [ONLINE] N/A [ONLINE] N/A [PC ONLY] N/A What troubleshooting have you tried?
  9. A detailed description of the issue. Whenever I have FFB turned on in the Logitech G920 wheel settings the car becomes undrivable; unresponsive to input, slips&slides like it's on ice, turns on its own, steering wheel spins without me touching it I reinstalled F1 2020 on my Xbox and tested the G920 with FFB turned on. Everything works as expected. I'm really struggling to understand how I can be the only Xbox 2021 player to report this issue. The G920 is undrivable with FFB turned in playing F1 2021 with a G920 wheel. Please HELP! Report Code
  10. issueskid, thanks for the response, I'm a programmer and now I understand the technical issues you have with voice commands on the Xbox Series X platform. May I suggest there is a simple solution to this: Allow the player to pause the race while responding to the engineer's communication. It is nearly impossible to both drive the car and click buttons on-screen at the same time without crashing, making the entire process of communicating with your pit during a race highly frustrating.
  11. The PC and PS versions support a headset w/microphone for audio communications with the engineer during a race. Why does Codemasters continue to NOT support that feature on the Xbox version?
  12. I'm a new fan/player of F1 2020 and real-life F1 racing. Enjoying the game immensely! I'm 67 years young, don't have the hand/eye coordination that I had 30 years ago, and I play the game for fun! I'm on season 4 of My Team with AI set at 50%. I have one suggestion/plead for a future patch or 2021 version. Please, please, please, add a new Assist that pauses the race after I press the button to open the MFD, so I can communicate with engineer Jeff without risk of crashing my car. There are Assists for almost every other "difficult" aspect of driving a Formula 1 race car, why not one for c
  13. Kieran, Thanks for the info on engineer and strategy discussions during the race. I tried to use that but wow, I can find the Xbox response key while driving without looking down, but trying to read and then respond, which uses a different Xbox controller key, I find to be almost impossible while still keeping my car on the road at speed. I'll keep trying.
  14. Kieran, thanks so much, I really appreciate the time and effort you put into your response to my post looking for help! That is wonderful information, very helpful and will enhance my enjoyment of the game and F1 racing. Also, on the setups, thanks for that info as well. On that note, hope I'm not speaking heresy here :-), years ago I played several seasons of a Nascar racing game w/wheel & pedals on my PC and really enjoyed the process of running practice laps, changing the tire pressure, adjusting the roll bar, camber, etc to get a car that handled the way I wanted. I was looking to rep
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