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  1. The track itself may look finished, we don't know how far they are with programming the AI, among other things
  2. Don't forget the Aston Martin and Mercedes steering wheel designs
  3. The steering wheels of the Aston Martin and Mercedes cars are wrong in the game, the 2020 designs are used. Will this be updated? Small things like this shouldn't be difficult to update, and although it's relatively minor, it kind of ruins the cars for me.
  4. The Aston steering wheel design is wrong anyways, let's hope they update it
  5. Hi everyone, What would be the best / most realistic team to choose in Braking Point? In terms of results and stuff. (No spoilers please, I've only watched chapters 1 and 2 on YouTube and i'm not planning on watching more until playing myself tomorrow)
  6. In the real-life F1 2021 season, Aston Martin and Mercedes have new steering wheel designs. 2020 Mercedes: 2021 Mercedes: 2020 Racing Point: 2021 Aston Martin: However, in the F1 2021 game, the steering wheels are still like 2020. Will this get updated in a later patch? For me, it's a really important detail, and it shouldn't be very difficult to implement.
  7. Well, who wouldn't like more tracks? Personally, I want as much tracks as possible in the game. But unfortunately it just doesn't work that way.
  8. Eh, I don't think it will be in F1 2021 at any point tbh. It just takes too long to make. If we're not getting the new layouts for Spain and Australia (and Abu Dhabi), we're certainly not going to get Istanbul
  9. Same for the Mercedes, they've also altered their steering wheel design.
  10. There are clearly some shots from Canada in the trailer, so it will be in, along with China and Singapore.
  11. Will the Aston Martin and Mercedes steering wheels be updated? They're different in real life this season
  12. Right, Ben and Aarav are teasing it too now, expect it in 3 hours, 6pm CEST
  13. Yeah it'll be out today, Tommyt999 has a gameplay vid uploaded privately, and a Dutch creator also said there will be gameplay today. Expect videos in just over 2 or just over 4 hours
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