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  1. First of all, you have to thank for such a good reproduction of the track because it looks great, keep it up, may each track look so good in the future. My question, I have a huge problem with turn 8, whether in qualifying or race pace, I have tremendous oversteer there and every time I turn it spins me, even though I want to go very smoothly into that corner I am reminded of the number turn 3 in Austria, where we also turn right and it is a change in altitude and the car behaves similar there, but here it is even more severe, I know the track has just started today, but maybe some of you
  2. I think many of us here would be delighted if he appeared in this game, but unfortunately he will not be.
  3. Turkey was added too late to the calendar and then it was canceled and then added again, so it will not appear in F1 2021, unfortunately.
  4. I did not know that correcting the curbs on the tracks takes about 6 years because that's how long their tracks have xD Just like fifa, they don't have to do too much because people buy them anyway, so why try.
  5. Don't comment until you've learned to read.
  6. In my opinion, a game that is an official game should include these things. What an excuse that they are making new tracks, well they are doing it, but still the same argument, just like game developers are constantly hiding behind a pandemic if something does not work out. This game could have been the best version if, after many years, they would update the tracks, but we will probably never see it as they have done absolutely NOTHING with them for so many years. Adding aramco and other plates are not changes on the tracks as if someone wrote that they changed something.
  7. This topic was discussed many times before the premiere of the game. Australia canceled so the topic ended. Spain needs one corner to be improved and I don't understand why they don't want to change it. Abu Dhabi will only be there so it could be improved later. I am also of the opinion that since this is an official game, it should be as close as possible to what we have in real life, because there is such a problem with the tracks that in real life they are still there, so F1 confirms that something is canceled and something will be different and not has a problem and here in a few d
  8. My game crashes almost every time I want to play. I recommend.
  9. I just drove the Grand Prix on the track in Canada and with in 10 minutes the game crashed 2 times and today I've been playing for a few hours and nothing like that happened. Optimization also weak fps set to max 120 and jump from 90 to 120 at random moments.
  10. For me, there is a problem with reading the cars at a distance, in 2020 it was not.
  11. So far, I do not see the point in buying this game, so I am waiting for them to add everything to it and there will be a discount by the way, 2 in 1 😆
  12. The lack of any information only proves how far they are with the works and don't expect the tracks too soon.
  13. The tracks look better than in 2020 but unfortunately the curbs are still very old, if they were improved it would be great and no one would complain.
  14. It's very important because they've added dirt and stuff and you think they've improved the tracks 😆
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