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  1. When 2 people do it, it takes so long 😄
  2. It's impossible to make perfect painting because they do it in a strange way.
  3. You can sell the game on pegi 3, and on steam you can get confirmation that you are over 18 to be able to see these ads and that there would be no problem 😛 Players are happy and the game would still have pegi 3 😄
  4. hmmm...What could be the reason why you cannot use the original Ferrari and McLaren liveries? After all, it's an advertisement for them, as in real life, I do not understand it.
  5. @BarryBL We believe that you will convey our hope to the developers 😉 Let them do it later, but they will do it 😉
  6. Some tracks are very old, which is what codemasters have done over the years where the tracks haven't changed at all. The truth is that they did nothing and now suddenly they have a lot to do so they can't do everything, the tracks should be updated every year then they would have little work and be up to date and after a few years you suddenly need a lot of changes on some tracks. This is the official game of F1 so it should have all tracks from this year done well, you know how it was a year ago and you can not accuse them of not making the tracks from the previous year but here everyth
  7. For a company like them, it shouldn't be a problem, now they have an excuse because they are doing other tracks, which will probably not be 100% right anyway, I'm sure of that.
  8. Hopefully the new tracks will be done well in terms of curbs etc.
  9. But making 1 or 2 turns doesn't take a week, I think it's a matter of a maximum of a couple of hours to get it reasonably well.
  10. 1. Is it true that F1 2021 was supposed to have 2 historic circuits? 2. According to some rumors there were supposed to be 5 short tracks, in F1 2020 there are 4 (Bahrain, Japan, USA, Great Britain) Is there anything known about this fifth? If there's any truth to it, of course. 3. On tracks in Spain or Australia, it is enough to update 1-2 turns, it's not that much and they can do it after the game's premiere, unless they are so lazy and don't want to? 4. Is it true that there is a slipstream in F1 2021? Maybe some moderator or someone has some specific information on this
  11. One corner needs to be corrected in Spain, In Australia, you really need to correct two corners, are they really that lazy?
  12. Apparently the tracks are not to be updated (Australia, Spain etc.)
  13. The track in Bahrain has been the same since 2016, in 2015 he had more details than the later so don't tell me they're doing anything. We are writing about the tracks, not what they did to the others.
  14. of course I'm not buying it for 70 € I will wait for a discount and for new tracks;)
  15. Improving the sponsors is not a feat and improving the appearance of the asphalt also, they did not change NOTHING on the tracks. Curbs same bad for years and will be the same again ...
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