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  1. Hope you get what you want , I got what I wanted in WRC 10 , totally excellent job they made of this to my expectation level , much joy experienced and already got me moneys worth ten times over.
  2. Yes you're right that's why they keep remastering all the old stuff and re selling it because they know that most of it works & its tried and tested . What I can't understand is how 'New' 'Improved ' technology is so much worse than the old stuff , and the makers of said stuff think that people buying it wont notice. Things are getting worse , How are we going to live on Mars now ?
  3. Hello Dude , all the best for the coming Stealth taxation period. Regards Bingo.
  4. The game isn't just for people that like games that work , its for people who like complaining and wasting their time on forums talking to virtual brick walls . If you want a game that works there are other titles that are available
  5. That was a very entertaining post thank you , all I can say is that your expectations of the game are too high , Its quite obvious that everyone is cheating and that they have advantages that are gained by certain things that make their cars faster and more responsive and that they cut corners un penalised . If you want to stay sane then you need to find out how they acheive their advantages and then adopt them yourself or just give the game up and do something else or you will remain very frustrated and lose your mind over this. Best wishes Your Uncle Bingo. PS when qualification takes p
  6. Sorry to tell you that your points have no foundation , everything is equal in all parts of the game , wheel , controller , keyboard they all create the same outcome in lap times and there are no cheats , everything is just great , no really. AFAIK F1 Exports use a different version of the game that is specially developed for the E sports championship so that it doesn't all fxxx up during a race .This explains the reason they can cut corners etc
  7. The team I would pick for Aiden 'doesn't exist' Jackson would be Elon Musks Spacex team and xxxx him off to Mars where he belongs , and anyone who thinks that 'Cash Point' ; I mean 'Breaking pointless' is a great addition to the game can join him there and discuss the merit of Non fungible tokens or other **** Turpin pursuits. Regards Your Uncle Bingo. PS my advice is to wear a belt as well as braces as they find it harder to get them down.
  8. Totally agree with you regarding your points , I was just trying to be positive about the code masters version as its had a serious slagging on here just lately and as there are 1000's of different versions of its handling model based on how you set it up and what you use to drive with , there are so many variations its difficult to compare it. With the spinny kerbs and other odd traits it has that keep non serious players happy its not surprising that other available more sim based racers have a more realistic driving model . They should get the team that made GRID to do the F1 game and it w
  9. Open world VR goggles and everything exactly as it is in real life , and when you keep stalling the engine while trying to set off for the first time they pull your run and sack you as a no hoper , and you never get to play the game again as you fluffed it. Total realism , I like it; great idea.
  10. In code masters F1 games one set up means the car is impossible or poor to drive but if you make a different set up for the car then it drives well ...... I mean All setups, FFB and wheel set up or pad setup as well as actual race set up of wing , suspension etc , they can all change the way the car behaves in many ways from very poor feed back to the player to superb feed back to the player . In my experience default settings with my wheels are absolutely useless in all years of the game , after hours of trying many set ups then braking feedback and handling feedback can be made very good
  11. If you are playing a GAME about F1 then you are all members of the team so you are the driver and you are the engineer , if not how can you as the game player affect the way the car handles? .......aren't set ups created between the driver and his engineer in real life to suit how the driver prefers the handling of the car to be and not how the engineer thinks it should be. If there is a monsoon the race would have to be stopped because conditions would be undrivable , how does that improve a racing game if you are the race driver.
  12. It would be good if they put all their previous years versions onto PC , PS4 and Xbox one with FFB compatibility to current wheels so they could be enjoyed on one set up.
  13. Total pants; I have one , you will have better results using a table , don't waste your money on that add more money to the budget and get a second hand sim rig off of Ebay the one I have costs £450 new ; I got it for £50 on Ebay ......... patience and regular searching always pays off. Get silly people to do all the paying. Then *** in for a bargain when they are moving on to the next fad thing in their life.
  14. Speed 3 Grand prix racer , its for you.
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