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  1. Sounds like you may lose control in the end. Never mind you managed to help ruin the game for a few years ; you should be proud of yourself.
  2. What's your problem with splitting the game? its irrational to not want the game to have two versions. You can sing your song " Never tear us apart " but as we all know ; it all usually ends in splitting up because of differences.
  3. This game needs splitting so that it can provide the two types of players with what they want , The game cannot be made into a simulation of Formula 1 as it would cost too much for the majority of players. The fear by the casual types of losing content is unfounded because the game could be virtually the same for both types of player. It just needs some bits tweaking and adding to a more realistic version of the game and all the entertainment stuff removed from that version .God only knows why both versions of the game need to be together in one package there is no reason whatsoever. You
  4. Exasperated


    Sorry for you having to put up with my nonsense , it finally sank in , I was asleep at the wheel and was taking this pedantic mathematical statement regarding the greater and lesser thing actually having some bearing on the position of the slider to achieve max or min camber , when of course it has zero relevance unless you are a nerd . The people who make the game are for obvious reasons these types of people , but for the sake of clarity to average users then it would just be easier if they labelled the slider max for 3.50 and min for 2.50 and everything would be clear and more user frien
  5. Exasperated


    The best part of this is that there has been an enormous amount of time wasted by a lot of people just because the in game car set up menu states incorrectly what the max and min amounts of camber are in real terms , Who cares whether or not this is mathematically correct to state it this way . Its a good job they added the numbers in there because if the slider just had min left , max right most people would be applying incorrect settings or having a discussion about mathematics and if code masters meant by negative numbers definition or just the plain old maximum amount or minimum amount
  6. Exasperated


    Ignore this . I was having a mid wife crisis or something ............brain death ?........I do'nt think so.
  7. Exasperated


    Marvellous were all on the same page.
  8. Exasperated


    I've sacked David Greco he is obviously a member of the conservative partly , You start Monday , we will be able to understand how to operate the game now you're in charge of communications. I always used to set the larger number of degrees for more lean as it makes sense that way until I read this negative numbers palava and assumed I had been running the wrong set ups in the past but now its clear for all to see that greater numbers is irrelevant and David Greco was just being negative about the whole situation, BTW you're start salary is £280,000
  9. Exasperated


    Yes I understand that there is no positive camber used on a F1 car front or rear and both settings are negative camber settings in game as denoted by -3.50 to -2.50 but one of those negative angles means that the top of the tyre is closer to the tub than the other before it gets to bolt upright and then the top of the tyre starts leaning outward or into positive camber position , what I want to know is from what you said before regarding using absolute numbers that makes -3.50 in the game the maximum amount of camber available set by putting the slider to the left contrary to it saying tha
  10. Exasperated


    So what you're saying is that maximum negative camber in the game is 3.50 or set to the left on the slider even though it says minimum in game settings ; meaning the top of the tyre is the nearest it can be to the tub in the game and that the furthest the top of the tyre can be set away from the tub or the minimum negative camber setting is -2.50 even though in game it is stated as the maximum negative camber setting with the slider to the right because you deem absolute numbers make 3.50 more than 2.50 am I right in thinking that. ..............or to simplify you are saying that max shoul
  11. Exasperated


    To clarify what David Greco said , the most negative camber is added when the slider is on the Right even if that is -2.5 and the wheel tyre unit sits flatter to surface of the track ( more surface contact of the tyre ,more friction ) when the slider is over to the left even if that is -3.5
  12. Exasperated


    I quoted what he said in my post above , it seems you have a different understanding of what he said because you are taking the line 'The numbers are what you have to look at ' to mean what you think that means not what he clearly explains what that means. ie The numbers are NEGATIVE.
  13. Exasperated


    I just went through the Dave Greco stuff and you need to go and re read very carefully what he said because people are confused by what he inferred in his reply July 9th 2020 he said "No no no I did not say that (in reference to a confused) I say it is math , because of being a negative number , of course the more negative number is on the left , we mark min on the left , max on the right. . It is a NEGATIVE number - 3.5. is less than -2.5 . The number is what you have to look at (Meaning the negative number , because he is not confused by Negative numbers being greater when they are less
  14. Exasperated


    +10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 -1 -2 -3 -3 -4 -5 -6 -7 -8 -9 -10 < this is how -1 is more than -10 in this particular case because -1 is closer to +1 so becomes more
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