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    New Miami Track

    F1 likes street circuits because they bring the race to the people not the other way around . Money. People seem to be accepting of Monaco in F1 and that is a Go Kart type track ......and the reason is Money. I play a lot of Moto GP and Isle of Man TT ride on the edge in 1st person and agree that the tracks are great and the challenge of bikes in the game is more rewarding than cars.
  2. It's been nice ,,enjoy your exile.
  3. Go to the menu and turn off the steering animation , buy a piece of sturdy mounting card for art work ,buy some carbon fibre effect wrap vinyl and stick it on the card using a hairdryer to warm it up while you stick it down . Cut the carbon look card to a size that will cover the on screen steering wheel and using whatever method that suits your needs fix it so that it covers the on screen wheel ..........then race. EDIT: the reason why this has a thumbs down is because he doesn't know what it is like to eat 'Spam' or Frey Bentos pies out of a tin ....Snowflakes they have no idea of make do and mend.
  4. Exasperated

    F1 2021 ONBOARD GAME

    Driving on a hand controller you are *Mr Sheen ** *................Driving on a wheel and pedals you are Mr Bean ......LOL https://youtu.be/mYxhjcDS9sw Yes that's right , that is what you look like.
  5. Exasperated

    New Miami Track

    I say , steady on old chap ......those are my two fave tracks and I like a dash around Abu as well , but then again you can't beat Spa Franci chomps or Imola A mixture of track types for variety is probably a good thing . If a person hates a track its probably because they are not very good on it , my personal hater is Paul Ricard , which is why I spend a lot of time there getting it under control . The problem with realism is it is like it is in real life. Not always what you like. Still ; whatever track you are driving on at least you are sat in the cockpit and that is a good thing in itself . Enjoy your racing.
  6. The clutch is supposed to be assigned to the paddle shifter so that you have a clutch to use for moving the car at the start of the race, leave it as it is , it is not a mistake or bug.
  7. Exasperated

    F1 2021 ONBOARD GAME

    Mmmmmm Why wait , just go to the pause menu in the 2020 version of the game when you are driving on track and click right to access 'Preferences' , select camera settings then choose TV POD as VIEW and then set OFFSET: Lateral to 0.85 or 0.90 or whatever you want then set OFFSET: Vertical to the height that makes it the same as your picture shows. Taddddddddaaaaar!!! ............... seek and you will find. BTW if you are a spectator watching a race then that will be more realistic as you said ; but if you are driving the car while playing the game then that will be described as 'much more unrealistic' Drivers of cars do not sit on top of the 'Halo' while racing it is not possible in real life ........... yet. Enjoy your new spectating view point. Regards Its very unlikely that this Camera settings menu will be removed from the 2021 version of the game as its been available for quite some years now . Take a look around the games menu's there's probably a whole lot of stuff actually already in the game that you have been waiting for Codemasters to put in.
  8. That is true but it depends a lot on the way you look at life ; as in how you respond to this kind of stuff , If a person never made a mistake while at work in all their working life that ended up affecting lots of other people in a negative way then I think that it would be reasonable for that person to ask of others that they give complete perfection back. I personally wish that I was that perfect. I truly hope you get what you are owed in exchange for your money. Regards.
  9. THIS IS SOMETHING THAT ACTUALLY DOES NEED ADDING TO THE GAME!!!....HELP THIS GEEZER OUT so he can enjoy the game properly along with any other people in the same situation , all that other nonsense that people want can wait.
  10. Exasperated

    Where Is Imola circuit?

    Yes you are more observant than I am, I need to wake up and go and do something worthwhile like race a McLaren GT3 at Spa etc in AC . Have a better one.
  11. approx. 20 pence per day to play an F1 game for as many hours that you have free to play per day.
  12. Exasperated

    Where Is Imola circuit?

    Did you hear of Google, Bing , Mozilla Firefox etc etc. ............... 'Where is Imola race track' .
  13. Exasperated

    Suggested gears not appearing

    Hello , I'm Exasperated.
  14. Exasperated

    F1 2020 Contact Model (online modes)

    I've no idea what you're on about ,if you read what I first replied to the OP then it states that I just noticed that he is talking about an online aspect of the game so If what I said isn't relevant then its nonsense, Want to waste any more of your own time.
  15. Exasperated

    Best steering wheel for PS4?

    Unless you pay good money you are not going to get a great experience, Unfortunately it costs. I have used a Thrustmaster T150 with Dirt Rally and it is alright If you have good settings in the FFB settings of the games but its nowhere near as good as a T300 but the best thing about a T150 is it is cheap to buy second hand ; much cheaper than a G29. Look on EBay. T100 , I would wait until you can afford a T150.
  16. Exasperated

    I can't start F1 2020

    Yo se Como arreglar tu problema facilmente , se compra una consola PS4, donde casi todo funciona muy Bien . Hay un monton de problemas con el juego en PC y Xbox en este momento por falta de cosas , suerte. Un Saludo , Yo soy Ingles.
  17. Exasperated

    Thrustmaster Ferrar F1 Wheel Setup?

    With these settings in the picture this is not a major cause of your understeer , the games default settings are useless for a T300 and they give horrible understeer problems , They probably relate to wheels like the Fanatec that has 6Nm of torque from its motor not like the T300 with approx. 2Nm. If you are on Steam isn't there a wheel calibration page or similar to set the degrees of in games wheel rotation?
  18. Exasperated

    Thrustmaster Ferrar F1 Wheel Setup?

    It will also be much easier if you take a standard line through the corner by heading in the direction of the apex from when you start slowing down at the black square marker at the side of the track , if you look at the apex as soon as you can see it on the approach and keep your eyes looking at only the apex then you will be dragged to it like a magnet. By driving deeper to the corner and making it a sharper angle of turning like you are doing in your video you are making the tyres more likely to lose grip , I think it is probably easier to do this in real life than in the game. To help drive the corners of the track go to 'Camera settings' and change the Field of view setting to 35 degrees and the off set horizontal setting (the one that moves the camera nearer to the in game steering wheel) to 0.95 and set the 'Look to apex' setting at maximum 15 degrees.
  19. Exasperated

    Thrustmaster Ferrar F1 Wheel Setup?

    Set your actual Thrustmaster wheel base to 360 degrees rotation by pressing 1 time only the 'MODE' button on the Left hand lower front panel of the wheelbase and at exactly the same moment press the very small joy stick at the lower part of your F1 wheel to the right direction and then release both , you can see the light at the side of the MODE button flashes red light , press the buttons together one time again and the light will flash more or less times . For a rotation of 360 the light needs to flash 2 times. Congratulations to you for driving your car in cockpit view where a driver should be , there is hope Have a good practice session.
  20. Exasperated

    Thrustmaster Ferrar F1 Wheel Setup?

    Your video shows that your technique is wrong at the corner. At the Black square at track side that is near the 100m braking marker you need to lift off the throttle completely and start changing the gears lower very smooth and fast and also do the braking , by the time you reach the start of the apex of the corner you should be in gear 2 or 3 ready to accelerate away from the apex. You need to slow down a lot more to the corner so that you learn how to do it , You are trying to go too fast and this is the problem , learning to slow down in the correct places on the lap is what makes the lap quicker.
  21. Exasperated

    is Bottas overpowered in your game?

    Nothing strange in Albons sudden improvement it was caused by Helmut Marko telling him he needed to improve quick or his seat would be filled by somebody else , What worries me is why , in my team is Toto Wuff allowing Bottas to out perform Hamilton in the first place who he clearly favours , this is what should be looked into , its all very well blaming the stats etc but its a problem that should be addressed by the Team principle and stop blaming Codemasters. Bottas has obviously changed the numbers over on the cars while nobody was looking and this is why he is so quick. After what happened when Russell drove Hamiltons car last year and suddenly became a driver as good as Hamilton after being a useless one for so long at Williams then I'd say that it's the only explanation.
  22. Exasperated

    Thrustmaster Ferrar F1 Wheel Setup?

    F1 cars Calibration (top to bottom) 0 0. 8. 5. 80. 0. 16. 100. 11 FFB (top to bottom) 120. 95. 50. 40. 15 OFF 360 F2 cars Calibration (top to bottom) 0. 0. 8 25 5. 0 16. 100 40 FFB (top to bottom) 80. 95. 50. 40. 0 OFF 360 Classic cars with H pattern gears 0. 0. 8 5. 80 0. 16. 100 15 FFB (top to bottom) 100. 95. 50. 40 100 OFF 360 ^ This value here affects how the car turns into a corner try it on 0 and 10 to feel the difference. Understeer is a problem caused by bad FFB settings and poor Car setups but that is a complicated issue , the easiest way to help with understeer is 1 slow down to a reasonable speed when cornering 2 If you can ; do not apply the brakes when cornering if you have a front biased setup. 3. Make sure that your tyres are running at the right temperature in the MFD menu as cold tyres do not grip as well as hot ones . Use tyre pressure to get the correct running temperature on track , more pressure = hotter running tyres and less pressure cooler running tyres . 94 to 100 degrees Celsius is a reasonable temp range to start with. The more you know about how R.L F1 cars work the easier it is to make car set ups so that you do not get understeer or oversteer problems but it is complicated so its best to read up or find out on you tube videos if you want to have good car set ups. If you go to Time trial you can choose to run using a fast drivers set up and then you will have a starting point to find out what works . If you have Thrustmaster pedals then restrict the movement of your brake pedal to 1 cm of movement by sticking a suitably sized block of rubber in the gap between the pedal arm and the pedal base leaving the 1cm gap , this will make braking much easier.
  23. Exasperated

    People can’t hear me. On my headset

    "What?"............" no , I do'nt know ; I thought I heard something. might be a mouse or something
  24. Do you short shift , have you set a dead zone on the brake in calibration settings page , a value approx. 10 may make sure you have no brake drag , make sure your car set up does not create too much drag , as in use less downforce in the set up and inflate the tyres more if possible , make sure you open the DRS wing at every available moment possible to reduce drag around a lap.
  25. Exasperated

    F1 2020 Contact Model (online modes)

    Go turn your FFB settings down , set the on track to 0 then set the Overall strength to 5 then drive about on track and see how the car handles and make contact with another car while driving about , now turn your force feed back up overall strength to 110 and all the others to 50 and then go and drive around and try contact with another car , in one situation its like driving in the wet the other you have grip like in the dry ......if it isn't like that then something is wrong, Anyway grip is what makes the difference between spinning out easily if you touch another car like in wet conditions or if you have grip like in the dry then if you hit another car you will be less likely to spin out and more than likely push back at them and stay on track........ isn't that physics. The stronger the FFB settings the more grip , the more grip the less likely the is going to spin out if you have contact from another car.