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  1. Yes I'm sure all is the case , and of course its just a camera angle to which I say its just a game , its not realistic and it doesn't matter if the in game cars are faster than in real life , just race , if the cars raw speed is too fast for you get it under control like Max Verstappen has to IN REAL LIFE. The game is not like real life F1 how could it be at the price people pay for the game and their gaming hardware. Drive in chase cam , drive in T- Cam but forget all this just like real life stuff its pointless and give the people who make the game a break , they made an amazing game and un
  2. Yes the car is too fast as you made clear Raw pace is too much , I'm going to guess that your pace is going to drop off if you get into cockpit view and you cannot see as much as you can when you have a birds eye view of the track and what is going on around you.
  3. Yes I understand the whole speed thing its too fast ,faster times are set than are possible in real life etc etc. Yes Code masters need to fix it as its not realistic. You are 10 feet tall sat on a BIG Kart , the rest of the field are average height for human replicants and they are in F1 cars ,that being the case just exactly what has reality got to do with the game when a player opts to play in this way , get in cockpit view and use the vicinity arrows that let you know where the other cars are and set look to apex to 15 degrees and sit as far forward as you can for as close to real dri
  4. You drive in T- Cam . On a wheel or a pad?
  5. No I think we all go that one , the conversation has moved on and now its developed into a discussion about challenge in the game in relation to speed that is obviously dictated by how fast the AI is able to get round the track , if its off topic that's too bad . If the cars are able to go faster in game than in real life its not the end of the world the OP was just making an observation.
  6. I am assuming here that if they increase the speed of the AI and the players car by 50% in game that the AI is going to be using that extra speed and the player is going to have to try and keep up with the AI.
  7. Increasing the speed of the players car by 50% means you will be arriving at a corner faster and your control of the car under braking will become more critical ; so I guess that would create a greater challenge , the AI would I assume do what it always has done and just fly round the corner on its tracks and sail off into the distance while you end up in the barrier or just get left behind and probably end up being lapped by the whole field in the same way that some one new to the game who plays on AI 30 would if they had a go at AI 110.
  8. The AI speeds through corners have always been unreasonably high as they obviously work at an optimum setup 99% of the time and they obviously have a form of traction control as they very rarely end up losing it at high speed. I cannot remember what year it was but I remember watching an on board AI drive during a qualifying session and the KERS/ERS was rapidly being deployed on and off like an ABS system during cornering yet very little deployed on the straights. When the AI starts driving more like human beings and less like a programmed train that operates mainly on the racing line then p
  9. Yes that's what the OP said , he doesn't want to set unrealistic times , If he can't limit the cars speeds in game by running with max downforce and a all round poor set up and drive in cockpit view (if he already is'nt) then the only way to tame the cars speed is by CM slowing them down , obviously. As far as increased challenge goes I think you're right , increasing driving speed doesn't inherently increase the challenge. This is easy to prove by first driving a race at a setting of AI 0 and then competing in another race at the same track under the same conditions at AI 110 and of co
  10. Thanks for the support I am usually the lone ranger ,, like you said IT's JUST A GAME players constantly harping on about reality while driving around in T- Cam on a Wheel.
  11. So they haven't increased the speed of the cars , so how are the cars in game beating the real life times. OP says Raw speed is too fast and creates unrealistic times do they or don't they , why has this increase in speed too create more of a challenge each year been discussed else where on here by others?
  12. Making the cars faster doesn't increase the challenge , what ? Go and drive at AI 110 (ultimate) chappie and then report back. I'd be interested to hear that it did'nt inherently increase the challenge in your opinion.
  13. Hola Tio , T300 is a good wheel but all the games that you use it with need a lot of adjustments in the games calibration menus to make it function in the best way , so you have to make many experiments for your personal flavour. In F1 games there is always low grip on track with standard settings , understeer or front tyre grip is always a problem without changing the calibration menu settings. By adding 8 to the steering saturation level the wheels of the car turn faster than the steering wheel of your T300 and so this means he cars wheels turn more sharply and this improves steering r
  14. Calibration settings , Steering Saturation = 8 Welcome to steering in a turn/ Corner If you want more grip increase ' On track FFB setting and increase un pocito some 'Steering Damper' setting
  15. The cars are faster in the game because people who play the game 24 hers a day need a challenge so to keep them happy they increased the speed . Most people who drive the fastest times use T- Cam because it is the easiest view to drive the fastest , no matter how much you sycophants of the You tube boy racers like Tiamariaduckfest or whatever his gamer tag is protest this , it is a fact , I know this to be a fact because I am a lot quicker on a lap using Txxx - cam than I am in cockpit view and so do a lot of people that have tried both. None of you laughing boys will use it because you are
  16. F1 Tyres and wheels and brakes are not comparable to ordinary road cars , the brakes on a F1 car run so hot they can catch on fire , this heat is absorbed by the wheels that are very small and so not very efficient as heat sinks and are not able to rapidly get rid of this heat although the wheels are given greater surface area by the designers by the inclusion of fins across the rims surface area to help remove this excessive heat F1 tyres need to be very hot before the compound becomes soft enough to cause the most amount of friction between the tyre and the track surface they get this heat
  17. Sounds like you may lose control in the end. Never mind you managed to help ruin the game for a few years ; you should be proud of yourself.
  18. What's your problem with splitting the game? its irrational to not want the game to have two versions. You can sing your song " Never tear us apart " but as we all know ; it all usually ends in splitting up because of differences.
  19. This game needs splitting so that it can provide the two types of players with what they want , The game cannot be made into a simulation of Formula 1 as it would cost too much for the majority of players. The fear by the casual types of losing content is unfounded because the game could be virtually the same for both types of player. It just needs some bits tweaking and adding to a more realistic version of the game and all the entertainment stuff removed from that version .God only knows why both versions of the game need to be together in one package there is no reason whatsoever. You
  20. Exasperated


    Sorry for you having to put up with my nonsense , it finally sank in , I was asleep at the wheel and was taking this pedantic mathematical statement regarding the greater and lesser thing actually having some bearing on the position of the slider to achieve max or min camber , when of course it has zero relevance unless you are a nerd . The people who make the game are for obvious reasons these types of people , but for the sake of clarity to average users then it would just be easier if they labelled the slider max for 3.50 and min for 2.50 and everything would be clear and more user frien
  21. Exasperated


    The best part of this is that there has been an enormous amount of time wasted by a lot of people just because the in game car set up menu states incorrectly what the max and min amounts of camber are in real terms , Who cares whether or not this is mathematically correct to state it this way . Its a good job they added the numbers in there because if the slider just had min left , max right most people would be applying incorrect settings or having a discussion about mathematics and if code masters meant by negative numbers definition or just the plain old maximum amount or minimum amount
  22. Exasperated


    Ignore this . I was having a mid wife crisis or something ............brain death ?........I do'nt think so.
  23. Exasperated


    Marvellous were all on the same page.
  24. Exasperated


    I've sacked David Greco he is obviously a member of the conservative partly , You start Monday , we will be able to understand how to operate the game now you're in charge of communications. I always used to set the larger number of degrees for more lean as it makes sense that way until I read this negative numbers palava and assumed I had been running the wrong set ups in the past but now its clear for all to see that greater numbers is irrelevant and David Greco was just being negative about the whole situation, BTW you're start salary is £280,000
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