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  1. We already tried all the basic troubleshooting stuff before adding to this forum. In regards to my motherboard i contacted msi and they said there was nothing available to update my board to. Guess we just have to wait until our ISP gets back to us...
  2. Any further investigation going into it atleast atm?
  3. When the host of an online lobby tabs out of the game, it causes the saftey car to bug in a multitude of ways consistently (e.g. teleporting, let cars past etc.) N/A PC Online Multiplayer Happends regardless of number of players I was not host but happens regardless of who is hosting Nothing I can do to fix on my end, it is bug to do with either game or the way the online lobbies network. N/A Join a lobby with a group of people and start racing, cause a saftey car to come out, while the saftey car is out get the lobby host to tab out of the game
  4. Any updates on this? Tried contacting ISP but still no reply...
  5. Seperately, in regards to this should i contact support? Could you explain this slightly further?
  6. yep it does, this is detor, however i was suffering at a simlar time aswell and i dont stream
  7. https://gigaclear.speedtestcustom.com/result/0e8890e0-efa7-11eb-ae6c-2719e0eecce1 Just started experience frame problems in open lobbies, this is my speed atm, not as bad as it has been tbh but still causing issues Heres an example of the frame drops we just had (down to like 45fps) https://clips.twitch.tv/VibrantStylishMinkChocolateRain-9Yh-0-53h-Yo5IkV
  8. We did quite a few speed tests last week testing, we got 300mbps up/down (what we pay for) after a restart and can go down to like 10% of that. Were are currently playing open lobbies atm so ill get back to you when we notice problems and send the speeds then.
  9. Yeh i dropped them an email, but no repsonse atm
  10. We are with Gigaclear here in the UK and i believe its a LinkSys router. Also never thought about trying LAN but we will give it a go when we next motice the issues.
  11. Same issue here, in same household as detor_uk. My DxDiag is linked and I am also on a wired connection. We had the exact same issues in 2020 but never got it fixed. DxDiag.txt
  12. Straaft

    IJRL S2 (PC)

    Great league!
  13. Come and join the IJRL for season 2! We have just finished our first season of the IJRL and are looking to get new drivers into the server to increase competition even further and potentially fill out a tier 2. The sign up form is currently open till the 8th of march, so admins have time to sort through them for the season start on the 20th of march. You also have the opportunity to vote on the tracks you would like to race with our 12 track calendar to keep the standings and competition fresh. The races are each week on Saturday at 8:30 GMT (Major Holiday
  14. I have just updated my bios, i was surprised that i did not have the latest version, so we will see what difference that makes. I will not remove ZoneAlarm out of my own personal preference, and i did clean reinstall windows due to other issues with windows itself which have now been resolved. And no, i am technically inclined so i did not do 'Reset this PC' and did a proper clean install.
  15. I have uploaded both files as requested. DxDiag.txt hardware_settings_config.xml
  16. None of these worked, even a windows reinstall didn't work
  17. I keep it short and to the point, this game is so so broken and Codemasters aren't doing anything about it. We just had a league race in which I'm pretty sure I saw every bug possible, drivers going backwards and through the pit wall, timing bugs, the lot... And guess what for the lucky forum people and hopefully Codemasters can sit down and review, it was all live-streamed with 2 perspectives shown towards the end! https://www.twitch.tv/videos/894475514 Enjoy the state of multiplayer summed in one live stream... Here is one clip to wet your appetite: https://clips.twitch.t
  18. Anyways that didnt work... no fix still and i worked out 0% gpu load is just task manager being funky, i had HWMonitor open and that reported usage which is good. So dont know what to do now....
  19. Could you go more into why you believe zonealarm is cruft? It has saved me once or twice from getting a virus... Also, I tried loading the GPU by putting everything onto ultra settings, and even then it had 0% load shown in task manager when playing...
  20. This has been happening since I got f1 2020 and I have finally got fed up of it. Im gonna break this down into sections to make this clearer. ---------------------------- When does it happen: The lag occurs after playing the game normally with no lag for a while (maybe like 30-60mins) or when I have been doing work on my computer during the day and then go to play f1 2020. What happens: The game becomes unplayable dropping and staying at below 30 fps but only in multiplayer. When I go to play time-trial it does not lag at all. I have a decent spec pc and usually, sit a
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