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  1. Try to play on F1 2021 Ps4 Version of the game
  2. Try to play on F1 2021 PS4 Version of the game.
  3. I ran some more tests. On the PS5 version it seems that the car (without traction assistance) is much easier to drive than on the PS4 version. Remembering that I tested it with all the same settings. It seems to me that somehow, when playing with the G29 on the PS5 version the game interprets that you are using Dualshock and configures the calibration for joystick instead of setting for steering wheel.
  4. I was getting the feeling of the car being pulled sideways while in a straight line. I also had the feeling that the steering wheel was very different from the F1 2020. In a way that makes the gameplay very unpleasant. But I decided to do a test. I downloaded the PS4 version and the wheel worked perfectly! There is a serious problem with the G29 in the F1 2021 (PS5 version), this problem does not occur in the PS4 version.
  5. Good evening, I would like to suggest that during the creation of the multiplayer lobby it is possible to choose between: - allow the entry of players with steering wheels or Pads; - allow only players with steering wheels to enter; - allow only the entry of players with Pads; And if in a restricted lobby, the game prevents the player from using an unauthorized device anytime. This would help to set up more balanced Championships between players.
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