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  1. ok quick update. Now i can join any unranked game except my freinds...
  2. Yeah. I can make my own lobby but i can't join anyones. Even after creating my lobby my freind still can not join me.
  3. I've added 2 rules for each inbound and outbound traffic. One for UDP and TCP 3074 port. Is that what you ment? Edit: Nothing changed as DXDiag didn't help as well...
  4. The offline modes are working just fine. but whenever i try to play with my friend he can't join me or I can't . Ima check that real quick.
  5. Im on windows 10. What do you exactly mean by internet settings? i tried VPN, changing wi fi port, and some suff from other forums. I dont really remember.
  6. 1. I've downloaded this game becouse of my friend who plays it. It came out that actually im intrested in F1 as well. I've done some campaign and we wanted to play with each other. Unfortunately we can't, even in 2021. After inviting my friend he has loading screen and then error visits us. 2. I am playing via microsoft store/ gamepass. Unfortunately I cant find games version. 3. any multiplayer mode 4. Every other game works fine. Also it is not a wifi problem etc. 5. It happens every time.
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