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  1. GARRETT150

    Problems with Fanatec wheel

    I played GT Sport and feels brilliant on there, must be some setting’s that need sorting out
  2. GARRETT150

    Problems with Fanatec wheel

    Ok thank you for your help. Will have a look and hopefully sort out this annoying issue. I tried a few things out, slightly better but am still getting a lot of understeer. The Haas is the second fastest car and I’m struggling to make it into Q3. It doesn’t make sense and ruins the fun of the game.
  3. GARRETT150

    Problems with Fanatec wheel

    I have a got a Fanatec CSL Elite base with the Formula V2 wheel, no mater what I do set up wise the car is absolutely terrible to drive. Just understeer all over the place. I have tried different set ups in the game and on the wheel but doesn’t seem to make any difference. I’m playing Career mode with haas. Is this a fault with the game or is just me. Because I’m losing interest in this game. Appreciate any help. Thanks Lee