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  1. Another profile means another purchase of PS Now too! No thanks.._. I DM'd BarryBL though . Thanks for guidance.
  2. I was told in the following thread that it was best to DM you. The linked comment below is to a thread I tried to bump my original post on. In this comment is the link to that original bug report.

    PS4, common session joining error. (of note is that the issue originated for me on 2019. That was a driving factor behind my purchase of 2020. Much to my chagrin, the problem was/is not as software specific as i had thought it would be.)

    My comment on the topic which also applied to my problem too, link to OG bug report incl.

  3. I am experiencing this issue also. I'm on PS4. Still looking for a response to this thread(bump): https://forums.codemasters.com/topic/76198-joining-session-error-league/
  4. Description - Created a League for myself and one friend. Private. 50% race length. Multiplayer Cars. Short Practice. Short Qualifiy. AI Hidden, Subs Allowed. Invite to league was successful. Promoted friend to Admin. ONLY ONE OF US AT A TIME MAY JOIN THE LOBBY; whichever of us is not in the lobby receives an error upon attempting to join the session. Platform - PS4 Version 1.17 League Wired Connection # of players - 2 including myself If by being League Owner, I am Host. Then yes, Host. The problem occurred for each of us in the exact way. Repeatable. Attempting to join the session by any means (via invites or otherwise) yields the same results for either of us. Report Code : PVEP-DCED-MJEC-SVSM There is no video as of yet. Not likely needed.
  5. joesair

    Points = 0

    Thank you @steviejay69 I meant to post it there.
  6. joesair

    Points = 0

    **** Weekly Event successful but all points categories show "0" ***** Due to the time lapsed since the last mention of this bug (that I could find), this is a NEW THREAD on an apparently recurring bug. One which, as far as I can tell but correct me if I'm wrong, has yet to be addressed at all much less corrected for any of those whom have experienced it. Upon successfully passing the objective of the 'Weekly Event' (This week's being to finish in 6th+ place @ France with Riccardo - Renault), my points total is displayed as '0' as well as '-' on the leaderboard banner PS4 F1 2019 ver 1.22 Weekly Event N/A N/A N/A The problem has occurred every time that I have been successful in completing the challenge. Now 9 times. As above, by completing the challenge objective. No report code available. No video but a screenshot of the leaderboard banner is attached. You'll have to take my word for it regarding the successful attempts. I feel as though I am waisting my time by reporting this. In that from what I've seen, I can expect nothing to done on the matter. Perhaps by my being one more victim of this frustrating bug who has chosen to, albeit against his better judgement, go ahead with a 'Bug Report' then enough light will have been shed on this issue to finally affect some kind of fix for it. If not a fix, then some reparation or at the very least, correspondence! Last known thread: Frustrated, Joesaire
  8. I am on a PS4 and it has happened to me this week (@ France w/Riccardo, goal- 6th) Finished it 3x now. Still 0
  9. joesair

    Weekly event bug

    I had this happen during this week's event with Riccardo @ France (must place 6th+). I have completed it now three times and all with a score of 0! What a waste.
  10. Did any resolution ever come on this issue? Same has happened to me this week..