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  1. I would like to see an improvement to the headlights. I’ve driven a lot of Scotland lately, and there it is painfully obvious that the headlights have a really short range. The headlights illuminate maybe 50 meters of road ahead of you and everything further away stays black. It looks like the driver forgot to turn on the high beam. In other countries its less of an issue, either because you are not that fast in the first place, or its easier to read the road. If its an issue with the computing power of the consoles, this shouldn’t be the case any more.
  2. Hallododa

    Filter option for clubs

    That would be helpful. Another filter for the average amount of participants per championchip could be helpful too.
  3. Hey Everyone, I havent read the whole thread, so its possibly nothing new. But the things I would like are : An option to select someone on the online leader board as your “Challenger”. Like 30 position ahead of you to have your times compared to him as popups during the stage. The current feature to compare your self to the fastest guy in game is rather pointless for the majority of the players since they will never see a green sector. More tracs per country / more country’s from the beginning. I stopped playing the single player championship because there are at one point 12 stages per country or something like that. And since there are just two tracks per country. Driving every corner so often makes it feel like driving on a track and not driving a rally. So either another track per country, or reduced the maximum number of stages per country and add more countries. More explanation regarding tire degradation. To be honest I haven’t found out if there is a deeper model in tire degradation than you drive x amount of Km, your tires have degraded this much. Or if the driving style/ setup are accounted for. If so, I would like a more detailed info during the tire changes to see which tire was degraded how much. More Setup slots for each car Steam workshop support to share car setups and maybe some liveries as well Thanks for reading