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  1. Hey @steviejay69 Thank you for the advice and information. However, I have found out that I can set up a new profile on my PS5 and then play online in f1 2020 normally without any problems so the issue is definitely related to my playstation account and f1 2020 servers.
  2. @BarryBL The link you sent says <ServerStatus accessible="true"/> As for nat type 1 I really don't see why that would be necessary. I have connected fine online with games across 3 generations of console, for over 10 years and even currently connect fine to f1 2019. I don't really know all that much about this stuff but it seems every where I research it says nat type 1 is not safe and so on.
  3. @steviejay69@BarryBL I bought the same edition as mentioned by @siewcaChaosu but from the PS store. I do not have any bans and have had my account on playstation for over 10 years with the same gamertag. I have spent like 45 minutes gathering different session codes from when I can't join. I waited each time the exactly 2 minutes (I timed like 5 of them) for it to fail me so it is legitimate. EHJT-MPCH-RKMP-AASC TKSD-HTAJ-RKMP-AASC GKBA-HDVJ-RKMP-AASC CTCD-METK-RKMP-AASC CRVH-RKHM-RKMP-AASC XXVC-JAMP-RKMP-AASC JHPX-SHGR-RKMP-AASC KXHH-SEES-RKMP-AASC GRDD-JAET-RKMP-AASC BJGS-EPMT-RKMP-AASC During this attempt I was somehow sent into a ranked lobby by myself, I waited for 5 minutes and no one joined. I tried to join another session right after and had the usual problem which eventually failed me. It is the most I've seen in 2 weeks, hope this one can help somehow. I think this also helps prove that it is not something wrong with my internet or NAT type. KGJP-KTMV-RKMP-AASC RPJP-JBMX-RKMP-AASC CSPX-AHBA-KHMP-AASC PBCG-PGTA-KKMP-AASC KPDE-VGHB-KKMP-AASC I hope this can somehow help
  4. Just popping in to say that I am still experiencing the exact same issue but on Ps5, I have tried everything you guys have suggested and nothing changes.
  5. DoorsTom

    Unable to join ANY multiplayer session

    @siewcaChaosu Good to know you are on a wired connection because that is the only thing I could not test. I switched to a ps5 and reinstalled the game so not surprised it did not work. Really hope we can get some assistance soon, been over a week for me. So annoying
  6. What do you mean verifying the files exactly? Also do you think if I deleted and redownloaded f1 2020 it could help fix my problem?
  7. DoorsTom

    Unable to join ANY multiplayer session

    @BarryBL Sorry to spam you but I would like to add I redownloaded f12019 again and the online works there like normal. EDIT: It actually isn't working now and says "unable to download multiplayer statistics. Ranked multiplayer is unavailable" Since last night. This is so frustrating.
  8. @steviejay69 Sorry for the late addition but I redownloaded f1 2019 and the online works as to be expected. Not sure if that helps but wanted to add it
  9. @steviejay69 Hi Stevie and thanks for the reply, I have been getting assistance from Barrybl in another thread but am still having issues. I will run you through what I have done so far. Sorry but that template doesn't really apply anymore as I have already listed a lot of that stuff above and it would be redundant. I have followed all the steps shown in the basic connection troubleshooting steps except trying a hardwired connection as my router is on a different floor and there is no tv there. I have reset my router several times with the reset button on the back and also tried unplugging it for a minute before replugging like in the troubleshooting. I have changed the DNS number from default to which did nothing so I changed it back to default. I have followed the instructions from this link Barrybl sent https://www.windowscentral.com/how-open-port-windows-firewall and nothing changed. I have logged into my router settings and added a "port forwarding" for UCP and TCP for port 3074 and nothing changed (followed the instructions in this link https://portforward.com/playstation-5/). Followed the above instructions and create a port forward for 1935,3074,3478-3480 and nothing changed. I would like to add my NAT type has been type 2 this entire time. If you have any suggestions please feel free to tell me, I'm dying to play online again.
  10. DoorsTom

    Unable to join ANY multiplayer session

    @BarryBL I followed the steps in the link and also added 3074 as a port forward for TCP and UDP in my router settings with my ISP but sadly nothing has changed
  11. DoorsTom

    Unable to join ANY multiplayer session

    @BarryBL Sadly I will not be able to test a wired connection as my setup for that is on a different floor. I will try to do this firewall stuff when I have time and respond with results. Thanks!
  12. DoorsTom

    Unable to join ANY multiplayer session

    @BarryBL update: I have a ps5 now and can confirm that the same problem happens as with my ps4. I think you are right and it must be something with my connection. I just don't know what it could be/what I could have done to make this happen. I didn't change any internet settings that day, I was racing like 2 hours before it happened just fine and all my other games work as expected. As someone who is not that techy, I am at a complete loss.
  13. DoorsTom

    Unable to join ANY multiplayer session

    @BarryBL Yes all my other games are working as expected and my connection speeds are the usual according to a speed test
  14. DoorsTom

    Unable to join ANY multiplayer session

    Hey @BarryBL and thank you very much for the reply. I am running on Nat Type 2 according to my connection status on PS4. I do not have any firewalls or anything like that. I never changed any of my wireless settings to make this problem occur but afterwards on a reddit suggestion I changed my DNS from whatever the default was to This did not help anything and I can change it back if needed.