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  1. Hi All Question for @BarryBLmainly I guess, as we get closer to the release date will we get more new feature reveals? Thinking mainly of the driver and My Team Career modes. I am hoping they have been enhanced as well as the new story line mode being added. I was playing an F1 2019 career mode last week to test it out, I never owned the game at the time so wanted to check out the F2 start and Dev Butler etc. There seems to be a lot more in the F1 2019 driver career than F1 2020, reputation per team etc. Made picking your first team a little more realistic though of course you wouldn't ha
  2. Yes. At week 11 after Austria and at the end of the Season
  3. Great idea but would have to be a meaningful feature otherwise after 1 season everyone will just simulate it, maybe all R&D can be affected for the coming season if enough laps/programs aren't completed during Pre Season practice. Maybe something like all R&D points reduced by 25% for the season. I understand some people have limited time to play the game so a full pre season would need to be one of the options you choose at the start of the career. But once selected it has to be made meaningful, after all if a teams Pre Season is interrupted it does affect them the whole season.
  4. For me there has to be more made of the full F2 Season leading into your F1 Career. Basically at the moment there is no benefit to it, also the questions at your first interview in Australia should reflect how your F2 career went. Instead you are a total unknown regardless of the choice made at the start. It would be great if your F2 Career determined which F1 team approaches you and for me that's another change which has to be made, teams should approach the driver not the other way round. The top F1 drivers don't sign 11 race contracts, it shouldn't be that Mercedes will let you r
  5. Hi Just a small thing , I notice we can't add our Engine Provider to our Team name as they are included in the Prohibited words so I would suggest maybe the name should be added automatically to our team choice. Certainly the name should appear on the car as a Sponsor name. Would add to the realism in my view
  6. Regarding separating Jeff from the engine sounds , if you have a headset you can do this by using the "Radio Output Device" option, I have that set to my headset with mic. Jeff speaks via the headset and of course the radio commands are done by mic. The engine still comes through the main speakers. The only issue is you have to force is to send Jeff to the headset every launch of the game
  7. I'm looking forward to Imola as well, hope they can add it, also the changes to Australia sound good, especially for me as I really struggle with corners 9 & 10. Just can't seem to get the entry point right consistently , I can be quick through there but get it wrong way too often. Also did you mention no more Vietnam? 😉 Anyone know why they remove old tracks no longer on the calendar? Obviously they wouldn't be included in career mode but I miss Hockenheim why not have that and other older tracks in the database? Are they stopped from doing it by the licensing rules?
  8. I still have them both in My Team and Driver Career, I just got 6th in Australia because of two retirements in the last 5 laps, also Perez had an issue half way through and I was told he was slowing down
  9. Interesting choice of Frontier games to highlight in that article, "Frontier Developments’ most recent games include Planet Coaster and Planet Zoo, spiritual successors to the Rollercoaster Tycoon and Zoo Tycoon series, as well as Jurassic World Evolution" Think they missed the most important one, Elite Dangerous! Also they were responsible for the original Elite on the BBC Micro. I am expecting an excellent F1 management game from them.
  10. Hi All I have been thinking of things that could be added to both career modes to enhance them and increase realism , one I thought of was Test Drivers. Would be more effective in My Team but could also be included in a Driver career. In My Team you would need to hire a Test Driver as well as a Team Mate and then the Practice programmes would be delegated between him, your team mate and you. Same with driver career except of course you wouldn't be doing the delegating. Test drivers are an important part of any F1 team so it would be nice to see them implemented, also he/she could be
  11. OK into season 3 now, only done Australia so far, Bottas has moved to Ferrari so will be able to compare him and Leclerc. Verstappen's overall rating is 93, Hamilton's 95 but Hamilton hasn't beaten him too often. Verstappen won the Championship in season 2 by 83 points and he has just won the first race of season 3. Seems to me that Hamilton is indeed under-powered rather than Bottas being overpowered.
  12. OK I have been testing this so doing the practice programmes but simulating the races, except one, I am at Socchi now and Verstappen is 100 points ahead of Hamilton
  13. I actually think they may have tweaked him, I started a new MyTeam career and in season 1 Hamilton won the Championship. For season 2 no retirements but oddly Bottas moved to Alfa Romeo and Max Verstappen moved to Mercedes to join Hamilton. I've seen Bottas move to a lower team before but not until Season 4 or 5 in the past
  14. Hi Hope the title isn't too confusing but I have headphones with a mic and I have the sound options set to use with F1 2020 . I have them set to the "Radio Output Device" however I have to force it to send the radio sound to the headphones by changing it to the speakers and then back again for it to work. It then works fine until the game is re-loaded and you have to do it again otherwise the radio voice is through the speakers and the mic doesn't work. Version 1.17 but has been the case for a few versions. To make it happen simply set the options and then quit and re-load, the
  15. Thanks for pointing that out Cameron, as you say the Engineer quiet demand only applies updates while driving has no effect on the "tutorials" . To be honest I am wondering if it may be a bug as I notice I no longer get the pit lane assist tutorial message or the tyre temperature one. I just keep getting the MFD radio one where he says "you can tell me what you want on the radio....." Maybe they are all supposed to stop after a while.
  16. Hi Once every session I get Jeff saying "If you want to make changes to the car you can tell me what you want on the radio....... and so on" Please shut him up, I have mentioned it before but we don't need these every session, every season. Can you maybe replicate what Sports Interactive do with Football Manager and also what they do in Civilization 6. At first launch they ask if you are new the series or that version of the game only. This then modifies what level of help the game offers. Or you can turn off tutorials totally. Normal radio messages , fine, they add to the rea
  17. Well they do in the Career I'm running 😉 Got to the end of season 3 and won the Constructors and I was World Champion, George Russell became my team mate half way through season 2 and by season 3 we were the best team. I won the last race to beat Russell to title. Going into season 4 I decided to go for a young team mate from F2 to see if I could develop him, I went for Mick Schumacher who had much lower ratings than Russell so I expected him to have to develop. As an example his experience was 42 , Russell 64, pace was 83 against 90. Awareness 74 against 100. However in the first ra
  18. I can see the annoyance if the AI were pitting, I never experienced that myself. Hopefully a bug they will fix. There's so much scope to build on the F2 experience, I really enjoyed it but it didn't impact the F1 Career nearly enough for me. I posted a while ago about in the Suggestions section
  19. Why do 95% of threads on every forum whether game forum or something different ALWAYS end up with bickering. Doesn't matter the subject of the original post, usually within 10 replies some sort of argument will happen. Can't we just chat about the game? Ask for help? Discuss F1 without arguing? Rant over
  20. Seems to be just at 100% but don't let it put you off, it happened once to me at Baku in a 12 race season. I just stayed out, it didn't spoil the experience for me at all.
  21. I had this a few times in my F2 career where I would be called in, never saw the AI called in though. I just ignored them and stayed out but it is a bug for sure
  22. Do you have any assists on? I do, I am wondering if these "tutorials" are linked to assists being on. If not then its inexplicable. Thank god for the pause menu, when parked in the garage that shuts him up. When on track I open the radio and that shuts him up, I accidentally found the command "Engineer Quiet" using this option when I snapped "Oh Shut Up" with the radio open !! It was similar to the legendary Raikonnen message a few years back when he was in the lead and they kept giving him updates. "Shut up, let me drive!" loved that message !
  23. How do you get your name to appear and your abbreviation in leaderboard? I am just being shown as driver? Is their a setting I have forgotten to enable? Also are time gaps still bugged? In my first race I was dipping between 5 and 10 seconds behind Bottas on one small straight on the leaderboard. Looks amazing though EDIT : FIgured out the name thing, works a treat
  24. Just had a race in Austria where Bottas had an extra pitstop and started on Mediums and still ended up winning. Hamilton on softs was faster but once Bottas was on softs he was over a second quicker than Hamilton and despite the extra stop he won comfortably
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