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  1. I didn't realise that there were classic cars TT leaderboards. I didn't even know that there was a F2 TT leader board! I've got to check this out.
  2. Aye.....I reckon it's tough full stop. Pad or wheel. I'll give it another crack but it's a massive downer qualifying at the back of the grid knowing that my chances of overtaking and moving up a few positions will be virtually zero.
  3. I struggle with manual gears on my XBox controller but I do like to override them occasionally like short shifting in an effort to counteract wheel spin.
  4. That's stunning! And he uses the brake so efficiently (like hardly at all). It's like less is more. Thanks for posting and I need to check this fellas YewTewb channel out.
  5. Seeing as the most recent F1 race has been Monaco, can anyone get round this circuit in one piece using a controller/pad? I generally don't participate in races at this track because :- 1) I just can't get around the circuit without crashing.....and 2) On the few occasions that I do get round unscathed, I take the circuit so slowly that my lap time is around 30 seconds off the pace.
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