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  1. I was watching some Extreme E today and thought it would be amazing fun in a sim racing game, especially in VR. Not sure if anyone at Codemasters is reading this but you guys should get the license and make it happen. Thoughts? Edit: for those who haven't heard of Extreme E here is the grid for season 1
  2. I haven't read all this but I have had a txt file of changes I would like to see. I have about 800 hours in DR1/DR2. Not the most I'm sure but a decent amount. Here is random stuff I have compiled. General features and changes Fix Racenet stability. If the game launches like DR2 and I cannot login well that's an issue. Offline single player campaign, unable to do basic single player campaign because Racenet is down is ridiculous. At least there is the second tab that has a few things I can mess around with but I have already finished all the historics/FIA/McRae DLC. New/update
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