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  1. I was watching some Extreme E today and thought it would be amazing fun in a sim racing game, especially in VR. Not sure if anyone at Codemasters is reading this but you guys should get the license and make it happen. Thoughts? Edit: for those who haven't heard of Extreme E here is the grid for season 1
  2. I haven't read all this but I have had a txt file of changes I would like to see. I have about 800 hours in DR1/DR2. Not the most I'm sure but a decent amount. Here is random stuff I have compiled. General features and changes Fix Racenet stability. If the game launches like DR2 and I cannot login well that's an issue. Offline single player campaign, unable to do basic single player campaign because Racenet is down is ridiculous. At least there is the second tab that has a few things I can mess around with but I have already finished all the historics/FIA/McRae DLC. New/updated locations. Goes without saying I think we all want new locations or updated stages for existing locations. I watched 5 hours of the 2021 WRC Monte Carlo event over the weekend it would be cool to have some of those full stages. I know there is already a giant separate thread on stages they should add Add some longer stages like real rally stages. I like the stages in this game but it would be cool to have some of the real life longer stages. Also on the topic of stages I prefer them all to be real stages I do not want some kind of random generator thing like Dirt 4. QA the pace notes. Spend more time to get the pace notes correct on all stages. Option to save replays. Then view replay in either pancake mode or VR mode. Keep all existing cars but add a few new ones (honestly I don't mind driving the same cars if I have new places and a larger variety of stages) View full car when choosing livery not some tiny thumbnail. Small objects like a tiny flag or a small bush should not damage my car or slow it down Other objects and things should destroy/damage my car. Hardcore damage is cool but make it a bit more realistic it is still very forgiving. More realism/options in general, sequential + clutch, better physics, tire models, more tire choices, etc Further refine the physics, DR2 is pretty good but it could be better in areas. Bigger Dirt Fish type area and allow up to like 4 players in one area together. I love this area for training and it would be fun to be able to help train my friends. Add option for modding like AC has. Probably never happen but this only helps the game in my opinion. Add option to share tunes. I have some ideas of things to change based on how the car feels but sometimes I just want to let a professional handle it. I can go to youtube and look it up but just have a system in game to download other tunes. Even add the option to rate them higher or not so good ones go to top. Can make incentives like money reward if your tune is used a lot. Add photo mode. Time trial show percentile. I finished 200th, cool. 200th out of what it is meaningless. I have to roughly gauge where I am using the bar in the side. Just show my exact percentile or say 200 out of 1000. Same for daily/weekly/monthly show 200th out of 1000 or whatever the current standings. Just add more options in general. I play a lot of Assetto Corsa as well and I love all the options in content manager. Give us more graphics settings, more FFB settings, more realism settings. VR specific changes/fixes, I race only in VR, cockpit, no assists, no HUD, so some of this stuff might not apply to everyone. First and foremost please add VR support from the start. Option to rename tuning setups in VR, why was this not patched in DR2 I don't know but it's annoying. View replays in actual VR (not looking at flat screen actual VR replay, Assetto Corsa already has this) View full car rendered in VR when choosing livery, probably not possible in a multiplayer game where you have to select in 30 seconds but at least allow this when viewing our car in the garage. Pancake players also probably want to be able to see their car better in garage as well I would imagine, something akin to the showroom in AC. Render the scene where your car pulls up to the start line in VR, I know this is possible because I had it happen once as a bug in DR2 and it was very cool. Similarly render finish line cutscene in VR. Allow option to render entire car in VR that I can turn on or off as I want. I know this will impact performance so make it an option. Sometimes in VR I want to get out of my car and have a walk around it. (Assetto Corsa already allows this) Better VR graphics. I get a lot of brush and tree pop in which breaks immersion. Also track surface could look better. Better weather/effects/lighting. No idea where to start with this so many things. Make it so my side windows are not just a blurry smudge when it rains that would be a start. Just make lighting in general better look at AC with mods for example. At night in Dirt Rally sometimes I cannot see more than 5 feet in front of me. Do not add pay to win or microtransactions. Do not turn Dirt Rally 3 into unrealistic arcade game, keep it a pure rally simulator. Probably more stuff but this is already a wall of text.