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  1. Hi folks. Can anyone tell me what the little symbol next to the team car that looks like a letter S on its side with a line through it. I have played codies F1 games for years but never even participated in time trial events. Thanks in advance
  2. Jrprestage1

    So, I went throught the 10 seasons of "My Team"...

    Thank you this is probably the best answer to my question I could have ever asked for thank you once again
  3. Hi folks first time i have ever posted on this forum so hello to everyone. My question is while i am using either cockpit cam or T cam (with headphones) i am bombarded with the sound of rushing air while driving. Now i know this is somewhat real but it's very off putting to me when i use cockpit cam. It's better than previous iterations of the game but is there a way to lessen this effect. Also some of the crowd clapping and cheering is majorly annoying and overpowering any other sound effects at that time. Anyway i hope i can find out the answers that i seek. Thanks in advance