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  1. Report code TMAR -BKMC-DEMJ-GTEG i have unlimited flashbacks enabled but am not able to flashback. I do have recovery mode of though so i don't know if that has anything to do with it. Thanks guys.
  2. I have been playing the game since launch of the deluxe version. And i have received little achievements even though i have achieved what they ask of me. Sometimes i will get 2 or 3 come through in one go from when i achieved them 3 days ago
  3. I am having this problem also today 26/7/2021 what is going off with codemasters servers they are terrible always getting kicked out of lobbies migrating host. Come on codies sort this out guys
  4. Sorry folks i put turn 8 instead of turn 10. Sorry for any confusion caused. And thanks for the clarification a good day to you all.
  5. Hello everyone can anyone confirm or deny that the new turn 10 section at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya will be included in the new f1 2021 game. As it's quite a significant update to that part of the track. I personally hope so because I hated that section. Cheers
  6. OK thanks for clarification much appreciated i can stop searching for answers and I was mistaken. I am certain that I did read something somewhere that codemasters did say that a patch was coming for f1 2020 to allow G923 but it honestly doesn't matter i just hope that CM will allow f1 2021 to be compatible with the G923. Thanks for the correspondence and i wish you a good day sir.
  7. I have seen it on this forum that codemasters said it would be supported with a patch mid September 2020. And also seen it on multiple articles that it would be supported in f1 2020. I am led to believe the problems with the G923 have occurred post 1.17 update.
  8. Hello i know exactly what you are saying i too brought the G923 based on the understanding that trueforce, rev lights, dual clutch and the 24 point rotating dial would be usable on codies f1 2020 game now i find that none of the features mentioned work and even the LB and RB buttons are not even mapped. As of the 8th May 2021 the f1 2020 game still doesn't even acknowledge the G923 wheel. I feel like i have been ripped off by either logitec or codemasters saying that the features work on the xbox when quite clearly they don't work. If the features mentioned don't work in the F1 2021 game then
  9. I brought the G923 on the sole basis of the trueforce, rev lights, dual clutch and the rotating dial which I was going to use fuel mix on. But none of them work. Not even the LB & RB are even recognised. I am disappointed in codemasters for not even attempting to sort this out. Codemasters even said trueforce was supported in f1 2020. I hope that f1 2021 comes ready with trueforce from day one. Because i am going to very annoyed if its not.
  10. But its now may 2021 and still the G923 is not recognised and the trueforce dual clutch rev lights rotating dial even the LB & RB are not even recognised
  11. This is now getting to be a joke why can we not get an official response whether or not the logitec G923 is compatible with the xbox one when playing f1 2020 It's now 2021 and not even being recognised as a wheel in the calibration section. Nothing works the ffb is weird the rev lights don't work the dual clutch don't work the rotating dial don't work. Why did i spend £300 on this heap of junk when i could have got the g920 for half the price but at least that would work as fully intend. I fell lied to by logitec and codemasters because both havre said they are compatible.
  12. Hi folks. Can anyone tell me what the little symbol next to the team car that looks like a letter S on its side with a line through it. I have played codies F1 games for years but never even participated in time trial events. Thanks in advance
  13. Thank you this is probably the best answer to my question I could have ever asked for thank you once again
  14. Hi folks first time i have ever posted on this forum so hello to everyone. My question is while i am using either cockpit cam or T cam (with headphones) i am bombarded with the sound of rushing air while driving. Now i know this is somewhat real but it's very off putting to me when i use cockpit cam. It's better than previous iterations of the game but is there a way to lessen this effect. Also some of the crowd clapping and cheering is majorly annoying and overpowering any other sound effects at that time. Anyway i hope i can find out the answers that i seek. Thanks in advance
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