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  1. I link this thread here even if it is already flagged as "with developers", just to keep track of it and since it is related to this thread. Also, I just added a longer video (with usefull timestamps) of the same race and about the X issue. Let me know if it is okay @BarryBL
  2. A detailed description of the issue. Desync during a league race. - LoorHenz with heavy desync during the race (connection was green during in the lobby creation). He said he saw the other cars either disappear or not be there at all. - EmaPoli9 and Re_Guiscardo orange to yellow connection (lobby) often red during the race. Other players had green connection in the lobby, some of them have had an occasional "spike" drop to red during the race. Report Code ERDH-PGBB-TEPR-XMHE Platform? PC [ONLINE] The amount of players in your sessio
  3. Desync is a regular issue right now (1.10), and it happens in almost every league/online race with 15/20+ players. A detailed description of the issue. In certain scenarios the Leaderboard gets buggy. The following things may cause this desync issue: - One or more players have connection problems (really high ping or disconnections) - Host disconnects - Host Change As you can see from the attached video, at the beginning of the lap I'm 11th, then pass 8th and finally come back 11th again. No overtaking. 2 Players were probably disconnected since
  4. A detailed description of the issue. Under SC/VSC overtaking a player who is Disconnected/Off the track/stopped on the track for any reason, may cause an "Illegal Overtake" situation and then an unfair penalty. As you can see on the video below, I overtook EmaPoli9 which was off the track with the X (of disconnection I presume). At that point it was impossible to give him back the position. I had same issue on F1 2020, overtaking a player who spun exactly in front of me under SC. Report Code GXHA-HTDA-MSGG-CTMG Platform? PC Game-mode? Multipla
  5. Nothing new.. Same multiplayer issues of 2019/2020 games.. 😪 I had 2 small league tournaments on F1 2020 last year: 4 races of 12 messed up because the lobbies went broken somewhat (leaderboard issues, fastest lap in 57sec due to desync...). This game is a terrible mess (especially online) but apparently story modes are more important than multiplayer...
  6. Can someone please help me? Right now it is unplayable for me.. it gives me a headache. Tell me if you need more info.
  7. Description of the issue: The low-frequencies are just too high and annoying and cause a ducking effect that almost covers everything else, even the engine. This happens especially when I drive over the kerbs, when I brake or the DRS is enabled. If I record a gameplay removing the headset and using only my PC speaker, the volume is normal and fine. I tried both watching the same video with speakers and headset. So, I can tell this issue happens only when I use my headset and F1 2021. Perhaps it could be something related to the 7.1 sound. Any accessories you are using: Logitech G
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