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  1. m_bestLapTimeInMS // fixed // what other errors have you found? // I had no time to develop and test my own work. // thank you for reporting // you can try the beta package, maybe fixes something, had no time to test, I only applied a theoretical fix to everything.
  2. npm package for for the F1 2021 game is now available at https://www.npmjs.com/package/f1-2021-udp for now only 2021 UDP format is supported.
  3. this would also help when someone rejoins the lobby messes up the starting order. I was in a league race where someone rejoined the race at the end of formation lap and the game placed him in 1st position 1 minute ahead of everybody else.
  4. I am building something similar for the f1 game with ''dc'' and ''tmi'' the steam id issue is almost a dealbreaker. I hope to work around it by building a semi-auto-assignment system based on racing numbers. It would require a driver's list with car numbers for each steam id. Awkward silence in game forums is the norm these days! Can we get an update, is there anybody at Codemasters considering fixing this?
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