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  1. I am also a noob to Dirt 2, it's am amazing game that draws you in. I get a good workout on my wheel. I am not too concerned about Stage Times as yet, I am just concentrating on completing an event without any damage first. Once I accomplish that, my times will start to improve as well hopefully. You have to do the game justice and grab yourself a wheel. If you're only just getting into it, look at some secondhand wheels, there are some real bargains to be had.
  2. I know this thread is relatively old, but I just wanted to put my point of view across, as someone who is a total noob at sim racing and rally. I currently play on an Xbox Series X. At some stage, I will upgrade to a PC. I originally started out with a G920 and was just playing arcade-style racing games. Then after playing Dirt 4, the bug hit me. It was time to look at other racing sims that were more realistic but also fun for noobs like me. So it was onto Dirt 2 and some other racing sims, F1 and GT. At the time, I thought the G920 was the "Bee's Knees" in steering wheels. It
  3. Hi there, I am a few years your senior and am also new to sim racing. Your rig looks good. What it the Monitor/TV bracket you used?
  4. Hi there, I am a latecomer to sim racing and at 63 yrs my reflexes ain't what they used to be. I am really slow and my times suck, but hey, I really am enjoying the challenge. Hopefully, I can pick up some tips and tricks for you guys and gals. My favourite games are Dirt Rally 2, Dirt 4 and F1 2020. Setup is... Thrustmaster TX 458 Italia, saving for the TS-XW. Thrustmaster T-LCM Pedals Xbox Series X In the mail and awaiting delivery of, Thrustmaster Sparco R383 Rally Wheel Add-On Mod and Thrustmaster TSS Mod+ Handbrake & Sequential Shifter.
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