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  1. an administrator told me to make posts after punishing me for tagging them ya im confused to
  2. for fear i would get penalized again if i did not follow their master plan for world domination
  3. no i am following barry orders he told me to make these posts and i did as the forum gods requested
  4. ohh and for the record its only 3 the other is someone elses concerns that i commented on
  5. no no it is not i have unjustly received misconduct points and been reprimanded over this and will continue to make posts as long as i am following the forums rules and guidelines i will continue to do so
  6. Suggestions - Codemasters Community if you want a no rain option you need to post it here if you want anyone to see it i hope each and every one of you create atleast one suggestion to fix this i believe if we do not annoy i mean continue to request this it will never become an option
  7. now i am jealous i cant get away from it every race weekend is 1-3 days rain i wish i only saw 2 rain races this is why they should give us a reduced/increased rain option
  8. whenever i start a new practice or quali session right as i gain control of my car game freezes/stutters cranking car to the right and putting me in the wall on some courses NOT COOL NOT COOL AT ALL please fix this or tell me what setting need changing to avoid this
  9. rain is ruining my game please give us options to fix this please
  10. i to would like more save slots please also less rain
  11. please lower how many rain days we receive since you refuse to give us the option to turn it off
  12. yes yes and yes give us this option already please @BarryBL
  13. every race weekend i get 1-3 rain days i dont want to play in the rain it is no longer any fun now that practice programs are more important to run then ever and this year i am recieving WAY more rain days so please give us a no rain or reduced rain option because as of right now between all the rain and horrible handling this game is broken i have gone back to f1 2020 just to get away from all the rain there by wasting 70$ on this game until you do something to fix the issues this is my suggestion you requested @BarryBL
  14. how do i do that @BarryBL this is me suggesting is there a special place i am to do this please point me in the right direction and i will happily do so
  15. @Naxlr it is way worse this year then in previous releases
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