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  1. Get a room. 8ygrt40g9w9009ghjndsjkgljf;'sgf,;
  2. Who are you again? h8hh0jgsk;n;;s;mlsks2132168
  3. If only Alonso was sticking around we could have a proper repeat of 2005. If we ignore the 10 cars ahead of them...
  4. I am so sick of F1 2018 public lobbies. Can't believe after 8 years of knowing exactly what is about to happen I continue to subject myself to it. If anyone out there (@Lukedfrt get the damn game already) is up for a race hit me up.
  5. *Formerly featuring players such as Steve Smith
  6. Yeah but is your best batsman and second best batsman but a bit of a tart out for the summer?  Well at least I have the Big Bash to look forward to.
  7. Well this is awkward... ugvugvgfrewwwwfvyn
  8. Streaming F1 2017 with @mike96 hfvgbhvuv8v8687v76
  9. @Lukedfrt from what I saw from the Comm Games closing ceremony, everyone in Birmingham talks like they're in a poetry slam competition and your mayor is literally Captain Feathersword. Can you confirm or deny this observation?
  10. So Warner's just opened a can of worms..
  11. Watching Smith and Bancroft's pressers tonight broke my heart. Made me realise that we put our sports stars on a pedestal and sometimes we forget they're human too. I'm still furious that it happened at all, but I can see that they're genuinely hurting and want to make things right.
  12. Phil! Where on earth have you been man? Body is 1 character too short.
  13. Nope, haven't heard anything... Seriously though fuck Steve Smith. What an absolute disgrace.
  14. I see how it is. ftctfcyfvug ihijiunihyfex
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