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  1. There are only two problems. CM are a small developer, how do you think could they buy 2 licenses (current and classic) and make with a handfull people such a good game...? (note: they would have to split their current developers and the current F1-series isn't very good. So...what would you expect? I don't think that a game named "F1 Classic" would be better than a 5 year series (2009-2014) where they had time to find experiance... The second problem are CM themselves, because I don't think they want to do something like that (which isn't bad because they should focus on the current season)
  2. I'm pretty sure that CM can't show the cars ingame when they aren't shown in real life ;) and Paul Jeal (Senior Producer of CM) said that we can expect some news at the end of february.
  3. umm...why Kers? Do you even know that there is no Kers in the real F1 and are trolling or what is going on? :( 
  4. @spyros2005‌ nope, that is unfortunately not possible because it's another version of the game...
  5. If you can german...thats the reason why I did no source in, but here it is: http://f1-game.de/forum/news/4167-paul-jeals-antwort-auf-den-vermeintlichen-release/ Paul Jeal said that we can expect news at the end of february.
  6. It isn't allowed to let take place two races in one country, that's the reason why Valencia was called the GP of Europe, not the GP of Spain. But I'm glad about that because I hate both tracks :#
  7. CM said they will announce the game at the end of february...so one more month to wait...
  8. *Breaking   News* (Off Topic) F1 2014 will be announced tomorrow!!! No joke, really :D I can't explain it in english, but trust me :)  You will see: tomorrow are infos about F1 2014 :)))
  9. I also want a stop-and-go-penalty and the penalty where you have to start in the pit.
  10. Now, I only wish to get some infos about F1 2014...why do you not give any infos to F1 2014 away...? :-S
  11. I also forgot this: pls let us drive manual behind the Saftey Car. In F1 2013 you can throttle all time because it brakes automatically.
  12. what I want too is to drive out of the garage manual too and that undercuts work :) if that is possible :)
  13. I find it great of you, CM, that you don't ignore your buyers anymore ;) Many people have just saying what I want too, but I want to say a few words :)  - Podium: you don't have to make it exactly how it is in real life if you have some problems cause of licensing- manual drive in the pit lane and to the pit stop - Warm-up lap before the race and manual drive to the grid - the round after the lap and than manual drive to the pit lane - an helmet-editor would be fine - Helmet perspectiv
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