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  1. The national anthem would be sung depending on the flag you have. (If you have the Other Flag then it wouldn't play anything).
  2. OwnMasterMad


  3. 36 well i just think it's cool nothing else.
  4. Is it just me or is when DNF'ed cars get took off the track too short and not realistic. I think that its only good in Monaco when cars are blocking the track. It would give more realism if the cars were out for two minutes or more if its not blocking a large amount of the track. This would give a nice hazard and lead to a better racing experience.
  5. That is to report an issue you found then use the code in the game if you have found a bug.
  6. You used two accounts to buy the game and the dlc right? If so then you needed to buy the game and the dlc pack on your first account.
  7. How would it work then would it disappear??
  8. I thought you were talking about the new American circuit in Maiami.
  9. I thought the game in UK was released on Friday 'Standard Edition' 16th and Tuesday for the Deluxe edition. 13th Just realised those were updates.
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