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  1. Thanks all - Below are further settings. I never really go into the car set-up to be honest, i've been focused on using the defaults as I just try and get used to playing without assists and thought that looking into details such as car set-up would be more beneficial once i've mastered getting around the track in one piece, but completely understand this may be completely wrong. I went for the default minimum downforce set-up at Monza, which may not have helped to be honest. *I have found out why I struggled so much at Zandvoort though, I moved to Mercedes and didn't realise t
  2. Because I feel that the wheel doesn't turn enough for me to go around tight corners? So for example, my saturation is at 50, so it should in theory require half the wheel rotation. Even with this, the steering still feels heavy and the car just doesn't seem to turn in when I want, it's weird. Settings below - struggling at Zandvoort
  3. Hey All - Update for you. I'm on race 7, which in my career is Silverstone. I've got much better at avoiding accidents now and feel i've certainly turned a corner in that respect. I'm now playing at 80% AI in a Williams and am qualifying and finishing around where I would expect in that car. One issue I do seem to have, which slows me down, is difficulty with the steering. It just feels really heavy and can be a struggle even in corners which aren't exactly tight. One example for me is at Copse - it is not possible to take this full throttle in 8th gear for me without taking
  4. No problem - I did initially turn that assist off, but got inpatient when I got the new game and turned it on, stupidly! It's off now, not coming back.
  5. Bit of an update - I've completed Bahrain, Portimao and Baku now, each of them i've done quite alot of practice to learn each track and then a 50% race. Just started Canada, very easy one to learn for me, only took a few laps. Patience is absolutely key, but it wasn't a lack of patience that was the reason for me crashing, it was the fact that I wasn't really aware of my surroundings, I was focusing on the Dynamic Line. If a driver was infront of me, I wouldn't know my breaking zone, as they'd be covering the line that I use to identify it. By learning the first 3 tracks in my new career
  6. Thanks all for the advice and tips again - I think where I went completely wrong was not persisting with learning different circuits without the racing line, it's really hampered me to a point that i'm just following the line with zero focus on what is ahead and around me. Since turning off the racing line yesterday I genuinely enjoyed re-learning Bahrain and racing - I actually wish I done a 50% race as with every lap I felt that I was getting more and more used to the track. I started to learn Portimao was going well but had to get back to work - will go back to it today and see h
  7. Thanks for the advice - I actually just went ahead and started a new Career Mode in the Williams on 55% AI with the racing line off. Done a couple of practice sessions doing a number of laps to learn the breaking zones etc. I'm currently half way through my first race - it does feel alot better and my awareness seems to be be more on what is going on around me and driving the car, rather than just following the line. Bahrain of course is one of the easier circuits - but as has been mentioned, doing practice sessions (rather do this than TT) in order to learn each track for 10/20 laps bef
  8. You know what - I'm not too sure. I'm using the G29 and have switched the break pedal and clutch - one thing I did think this may have done is mean that my braking wasn't near hard enough, so i've changed this Linearity to 30 now. Throttle Linearity i've also changed to 10. I'll see if that helps. Playing with racing line off now and starting from scratch - i've put the AI probably too low. I think patience is the key thing, learn the tracks without the line and hopefully I should be more aware of my surroundings.
  9. I might bring the AI down to 30 or something and do practice sessions, start a new season with the line off. I done this before but gave in.
  10. Seem to force it too much with flashbacks - so better to turn it off and take your time. Which brings me to this point - I'm not being inpatient, I just genuinely can't tell when the car infront is slowing down and am unable to slow the car in time. I'm not going for overtakes - this is just going into any corner. I think the route cause may be not knowing breaking zones and relying on the 3D line.
  11. 6 months ago I moved to a wheel and turned nearly all assists off thanks to the help of people on this forum! Pretty much all assists are off but I just didn't have the patience for taking off the line for corners, which in hindsight I really should have done. Unfortunately, i'm back because i'm now at the brink of giving up with this game. Since moving onto a wheel i've really not improved, at all. - I'm stuck at playing on 75% AI at my best tracks and even lower at some of the others. I used to play on higher difficulty with a controller. - I literally cannot turn flashbacks of
  12. I'm Back - 6 months on and with a new game! All your feedback was great - Pretty much all assists are off but I just didn't have the patience for taking off the line for corners, which in hindsight I really should have done. Unfortunately, i'm back because i'm now at the brink of giving up. Since moving onto a wheel i've really not improved, at all. - I'm stuck at playing on 75% AI at my best tracks and even lower at some of the others. I used to play on higher difficulty with a controller. - I literally cannot turn flashbacks off, and cannot stop crashing into the back of t
  13. Hanoi done - it was a medium Wet Race , previously I had just skipped them as I just couldn't control the car. This time round I stuck with it and completed the 29 laps. Once again won and it was by a distance again, so will up the AI once more. Next is China - I started the first Practice but didn't have the patience so will leave that for tomorrow. Hopefully I can pick it up as I have with the previous 3 tracks, fingers crossed. Frustratingly, it's another race that will be starting in wet conditions, but if I can get used to the track then hopefully i'll be okay.
  14. Thanks! - I had F1 2016 and played it occasionally on pad with all of the assists on, so i've made quite a big jump here getting a wheel and turning them all off. My interest in racing actually came from going Karting for the first time a year ago - absolutely loved it and appeared to have a knack for it. I began watching F1 and purchased the new game. With outdoor sports still banned in Northern Ireland I invested in a wheel to keep myself entertained, and here we are! Done Bahrain this afternoon - Practice 1 Track Acclimatisation & Race Strategy , Practice 2 Track Acclimatisa
  15. Cheers again as always for the replies. I've turned off the racing line, turned off flashbacks, upped the race distance to 50% and started a new season. Now have no choice but to make sure I do practice sessions and longer qualifying too, otherwise it'll be a disaster! Obviously with these changes the AI has had to go right down, but needs must, I couldn't continue playing the game with the Racing Line on, it just didn't work for me. As PJ mentioned in his videos, I was in complete auto-pilot just following the line. I started with Australia, took quite a few hours to try and learn
  16. Had a bit of a play today and decided to record and save a lap at Monza to share and see why i’m still so slow, is it the racing line? Am i getting something badly wrong? https://youtu.be/0lPJKezH9V4 Anyway, i’m happy enough with the progress learning without assists. But I think the one holding me back most is the racing line. I find that with it on i’m not actually racing, i’m just following the line and I don’t really see the fun in that. It’s also so difficult for me to race against the AI without crashing as I rely so much on the line. I had got upto 70/75 AI f
  17. Thanks for the advice there - I've actually completely ignored doing set-up's for any race so far - which could well be why i'm finding wet weather and certain tracks extremely challenging! I was playing yesterday and still struggled in wet weather, so will see if increasing downforce helps me out. I've had a little play of multiplayer yesterday and I feel like I was still way off where I was with a controller running all assists, but again, patience. Watched PJ's video on turning off the racing line again today - that feels like it's going to be the most difficult thing to turn of
  18. Thought i'd drop by and give an update as it's been a while. I've been mega busy with work in the last week or so have only had a couple of chances to play. In my career mode I had a good run of tracks that I am good at and was beating the AI at 60% with ease, but still find this a challenging difficulty at some other tracks. I'd say i'm at 65% ish now on average. There are so many different parts to this game when you move from a controller with most assists on, and each part i'm individually trying to improve on each time I play and I think it slowly does come together, however it clea
  19. I’ve got a couple of spare rooms so eventually could look to set-up something more permanent in one of those in the future. I did put the re-wind functionality on. Reason being I found it good to practice overtakes etc on the AI (which can be completely unpredictable). I completed a race at Mexico on 30% AI and won by a large margin this evening without making any mistakes, which was a good feeling as last week I couldn’t get around the track without assists. Moving from a pad with all of the assists on to a wheel with no assists really is like learning a completely di
  20. Haven't given up on this but unfortunately haven't had a chance to play again with it being the weekend & valentines I couldn't really bring all the gear out and start playing. Should have some time this afternoon and will put in a few more hours. Out of interest, when playing in Career would it be advisable to play with or without flashbacks on? I find myself going faster with flashbacks on as i'm less worried about making mistakes, but would be dead slow with them turned off to avoid the risk of crashing out.
  21. Watched all of your videos some time before actually purchasing the wheel. You're partly to blame for all this 😉
  22. Thanks so much for all the responses. Especially to 'Exasperated' for the detailed reply. I've calibrated the set-up and it feels a bit better now. I ended up just jumping into Austria with all assists off and grafted at it for 2 hours yesterday afternoon. I managed to get to a point where I was able to consistently get round the track, albeit rather slow (about 1:05), but definitely felt like I had made progress and could really feel myself getting better. There is alot for the brain to try and learn at once, trying to move into the correct gears for each corner whilst trying to ensure
  23. After playing F1 games for a number of year I finally decided to make the jump to using a wheel this week. With this, also came a difficult decision. After reading online a number of suggestions I decided that with the transition I would also begin trying to play the game without assists. I was previously on Automatic, with High traction control ABS and low braking, so this was quite a jump over. After a day or frustration on the wheel, I decided to put a few of the assists back on, but my question to everyone is should I just keep trying with no assists? I'd imagine once I get used
  24. I’m looking for a league where I can race against people of a similar skill that aren’t going to steamroll me off track every corner. I unfortunately still play with a pad and unfortunately have to have a couple of assists running. Fairly new to online play etc but any suggestions on leagues that accept complete novices appreciated.
  25. I only started playing F12020 online last week but after the frustrations of online lobbies it would be good to race in a league. I play on a Controller unfortunately and despite toying with traction control and braking assists turned off, I just find the triggers too sensitive so am still running with these on. If I join a league and get some practice in it might motivate me to go and buy a wheel etc, if anyone has any suggestions let me know!
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