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  1. Give me Greece and Finland, and I'm done! Oooook... DLC rally's locations are the same of DR1... but the "playability" is totally different... so much better in DR2! I'd love to have ALL old tracks with the new game!
  2. Adriano1976


    Yep!... The lighting management at night and the rain got incredibly worse, in DR2, compared to DR1!
  3. Adriano1976

    Still to many night stages DR 2.0

    yep... agree with the OP... still too many night-stages. Another great problem with night stages is that on several cars the headlights are totally inefficient (even when in perfect conditions)... look at these Citroen C3 and Delta S4... the light is too low in the center of the view! Here are 2 images from Dirt rally 1... the difference is obvious
  4. Adriano1976

    Night and rainy stages: too much!

    ... 4 daily event today (3 community and 1 AI challenge)... and 3 out of 4 were at night and with rain!!! LOOOOL!
  5. Adriano1976

    Night and rainy stages: too much!

    Well... it's not really a "bug"... but after running dozens of stages it emerges something that I think it could easily be fixed: the number of rainy and night stages is TOO much compared to the "normal" ones! I think that night and rainy stages have now the SAME (50%) chance to be set as sun and dry and this is simply NOT correct! What sense does it have to start for a stage at 1.57 AM??? I think that the percentage of rain and night should be lowered (it should be no more than 20%). ps: excuse my bad english