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  1. Adriano1976

    Night and rainy stages: too much!

    ... 4 daily event today (3 community and 1 AI challenge)... and 3 out of 4 were at night and with rain!!! LOOOOL!
  2. Adriano1976

    Night and rainy stages: too much!

    Well... it's not really a "bug"... but after running dozens of stages it emerges something that I think it could easily be fixed: the number of rainy and night stages is TOO much compared to the "normal" ones! I think that night and rainy stages have now the SAME (50%) chance to be set as sun and dry and this is simply NOT correct! What sense does it have to start for a stage at 1.57 AM??? I think that the percentage of rain and night should be lowered (it should be no more than 20%). ps: excuse my bad english